Playoff Hockey is Surreal

Tonight solidified what I have always been curious about dating back to my high school years.  I was always told that NHL Playoff hockey was far and away the best event in all of sports.  Maybe I ignored what people were telling me because I never had a dog in the fight.  But since jumping on to the Bruins bandwagon after they took  1 seeded Montreal to a seventh game as an 8 eight seed 2 seasons ago, I have had my dog jump onto the scene.

Tonight, my heart raced for nearly 50 minutes of hockey from the start of the third period right through until Miroslav Satan beautifully dangled by Ryan Miller as if he was poetry in motion finding the back of the net to send the Bruins back to Buffalo with a 3-1 series lead.  Had I watched this game in the emergency room with a heart monitor attached, I am sure that I would have sent nurses scurrying like crazy figuring out my I was amassing 200 beats per minute.  If this game did not excite you, check your pulse, you might be dead.

Tonight, I saw why Tuukka Rask and Ryan Miller are two of the best in the business at minding the 4 by 6 cage. Both made eye-popping saves to prolong the game.  I sat speechless seeing Miller make ridiculous save after save.  I saw Tuukka dive across the net to make a highlight reel save of his own.

Tonight, I heard the Garden the loudest I may have ever heard it in my lifetime.  This factors in the time when Paul Pierce came back out of the locker room after an injury against the Lakers in the NBA Finals. The chanting, the music, the screaming made the game an experience unlike any other.

Tonight, I learned that playoff hockey is surreal.  Hockey was always number 4 for me when it came to the four major sports.  But after not being able to breathe, feeling like I was going into cardiac arrest, and then the ecstasy I felt when the Bruins won it, it looks like hockey may be climbing the ladder in my sports rankings.

Tonight, I learned why "it’s called Bruins."


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