LeBron James is the 2010 NBA MVP

LeBron James is about to be awarded his 2nd consecutive MVP Award for being the best player in the NBA and when you look at the numbers it is easy to see why.  James came in 2nd in PPG with 29.7, this is relevant because it seems to have become the focal point for most people when they say that he should not win the award giving way to Kevin Durant, but let us also keep in mind that LeBron sat out for what now seems like the last quarter of the season. Not only did he average close to 30, 8, and 7 respectively, he could also be counted on for providing a game changing block when necessary that was sure to make the Sportscenter top ten.

When you watch LeBron play you cannot help but come to the conclusion that without him Cleveland is still a bottom dweller in the East longing for the days of Price, Ehlo, and Nascar’s own Brad Daugherty. Without LeBron that city would even love living in a repetitive world of Jordan celebrating on their home court year after year making a free throw line jumper over Ehlo, but LeBron has become the one shining light through all professional sports teams in Cleveland. That being said, the makeup of an MVP has changed in the last few years through debate about what “most valuable” really means. In different sports it contains different components, some more important than others. I have a short list here of what makes an NBA MVP*:
1) Games Played – starting with the obvious. You should never be considered for an MVP Award without playing in, at the very least, 65 of the 82 regular season games, and to not play in 17 games in a season means you need some substantial numbers.
2) Averages – MVP’s have to be need in the top 5 in scoring for the season, preferably the top 3 depending on disparity. PPG being the most important of the averages obligates an MVP candidate to have a minimum of either 4 in any of the other major categories (assists, rebounds, steals, or blocks)…as previously stated LeBron has around 8 and 7 respectively for the first two.
3) Game changing – a MVP candidate has the ball in his hands at EVERY crucial point in a game, and lives up to the task of coming through for his team…it took LeBron a few years but he finally has become this player.
4) Record – it is more VALUABLE to score just under 30 ppg and have the best record in the league than to score just over 30 ppg and finish 8th in the West.  Although this is an NBA MVP discussion, one must bring up Alex Rodriguez playing for the last place Texas Rangers and winning the MLB MVP, which would be compared to Chris Bosh winning the award this year after missing the playoffs.  That just does not happen in the NBA.

**Kevin Durant will have his time. He is young player who in his third year has shown that he will be a perpetual force in the league, always in this discussion. But, those who really try to make a better argument for Durant over LeBron are either fooling themselves or are foolish Texas homers…

If you take Durant off the Thunder and you take LeBron off the Cavs then you are left with the same result for both teams: trying to win the draft lottery.  The great thing is that we do not have to take these players off of their teams.  Seeing as we are not forced to do that there is one major point to be made to settle this arguemnt…If the Thunder met the Cavs in the finals and it went 7 games, they would be playing 4 in Cleveland because LBJ did work, 11 more games worth of work…LeBron is approaching Oscar Robertson numbers…and LeBron is the 2010 MVP.

*(feel free to add to or subtract from this list)

**(2nd place gets a smaller picture)


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