149 Games Left

After being swept today against the Tampa Bay Rays, the Red Sox have started their 2010 season by posting a 4-9 record, 1-7 against the AL East.  No one that says they are a Red Sox fan expected this team to be four games under .500 so early in the season, but it has happened.

The problem is the slow season cannot be attributed to just one thing.  Almost every aspect of this team has been lackluster, except for one or two.  Here are the good things that have happened in the first weeks of play:

1) John Lackey – we expected Lackey to come to this team, slide into the 3 spot in the rotation, and become the best ace to pitch from that spot in any rotation in the history of baseball.  The problem is that from the number 3 spot Lackey has been our ace (barring Josh Beckett’s last start against the Rays which ended in a 3-1 loss in 12 innings, but we will get to that later.)  In 2 starts Lackey has respectably thrown 12.2 IP, only surrendering 10 hits and 2 ER in those 2 starts.  So far Lackey is everything we expected to get, and could possibly be more dominant once Lester stops pitching in April.

2) Dustin Pedroia – .367 BA, 5 HR, 13 RBI, .404 OBP, .755 Slugging in 12 games (thank you ESPN).  Dustin will always be Dustin for years to come.

Disappointments. . .where to start:

1) John Lackey – then he faced the Rays.

2) Defense – one of our fellow bloggers wrote a post that praised the Red Sox defense.  Now in defense of him, he was absolutely justified in writing it because it looked like the Red Sox were on their way to putting a team on the field that would be able to make the big plays, without the costly errors.  It appears that the Red Sox roster reads our blogs and decided to prove him wrong.  They have committed 10 errors in 13 games…

3) Pitching – it seems, from my perspective, that when the offense for the Red Sox manages to squeeze out a few runs, the starting pitching decides they do not want the run support and choose to hand a few, if not all of the runs back to the team they are playing.  Clay Bucholz was handed a 4-0 lead in the first inning last Sunday against the Royals in Kansas City.  At the end of the 3rd it was 5-3 lead.  The Red Sox managed to squeeze out, yes squeeze out, an 8-6 win.  My question is, when are the Red Sox starting pitchers going to wake up and recognize that having a lead IS A GOOD THING?  They should try their best to keep it intact.

4) Offense – in 12 games the Red Sox are 7th in team batting average…that is not a typo…7th.  Watching the games you realize why this hitting has not equalled wins.  They do not hit with runners in scoring positions.

Based on what happens tonight the Boston Red Sox could be only one game better than the Baltimore Orioles…that is not acceptable at any point in the season.


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  1. Hello, I’m not a Red Sox fan, but I would say there’s way too much panicking going on out there already. 149 games to go is a hell of a lot of baseball left to play. Remember, the Yanks started out slowly last April. Also, Sox have had some injuries, which are better to have in the beginning of the year rather than at the end. Keep the faith, boys, and if the Sox are still playing like this in another three weeks or so, THEN it’s time to panic. Good post, Bill

  2. Season is over. Play for draft picks.

  3. Absolutely not throwing in the towel just yet. It is just a little frustrating when the two components that were supposed to be your strongest, defense and starting pitching, have started out being the weakest combined with the problem that the offense cannot make up for it.

  4. why bring the O’s into this…it hurts too much as it is…

  5. I am as unimpressed with the Sox so far this season as anyone. But, let us realize that the date today is April 19th, 2010. Last season, as late as May 23rd the Toronto Blue Jays were in first place in the AL East. Toronto proceeded to finish the season 28 games out of first place. Should we be worried about the Red Sox’s inability to pitch when scoring, and score when pitching? The answer to that is yes. Do I expect this to continue throughout the course of the season and for the Red Sox to finish one game up on the Baltimore Orioles bu the end of the season? The answer to that an emphatic hell no!

  6. Expectations only go as far as results my friend. It was really all just pointing out that the aspects of our team we were really counting on to get us through the first months have been the worst part. I am the epitome of “it is early in the season”, I just cannot believe what I’m seeing.

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