Opening Day Thoughts

After a weekend in the sun and a laid back Easter Sunday, I’m here to give my thoughts on last night’s game, which was one of the better Opening Day’s in recent memory.

*Having Pedro throw out the first pitch was classic.  After seeing him deal in the postseason last year, I would not at all be opposed to him coming back to Boston mid-season.  While I doubt it’ll happen, I would love to see the best pitcher of my generation back on the hill at Fenway for one last go around.

*By now everyone has seen 5 year old Joshua Sacco deliver the Herb Brooks Miracle speech.  I watch the speech daily on Youtube because it gets me all pumped up for the day.  Hearing him yell Screw ‘Em and getting the team and fans fired up was truly awesome.

*Heidi Watney has still got it.

*Don’t tell Dustin Pedroia that it was only the first game of the season.  Seeing him fired up after every play and yelling in the dugout celebrating got me fired up as well.  There is no one better than Pedroia.

*It will take some getting use to seeing Jacoby Ellsbury in left field and also wearing number 2.

*How about the bottom of the lineup? Beltre, Cameron, and Scutaro all produced in huge spots.  Only Papi and Jacoby were without hits last night.

*An off night for Beckett, but he was rescued by the offense. He will bail out the offense many times this season, so it was good to see the offense produce.

*Girardi blew the game in my opinion.  There was no way CC should have came out for the 6th inning, he was clearly spent. That being said I was surprised to see how weak the Yankee pen was.  I mean Chan Ho Park? C’mon.

*I believe if Papi continues to look as bad as he did last night, it won’t be long before Francona has to platoon him with Lowell in the DH position.  Papi vs. righties and Lowell vs. lefties.

*Someone tell Neil Diamond that the “Keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn” was a bit inappropriate for the circumstances.

*There is no doubt the Sox are again an exciting team and I look forward to the 2010 season!


2 Responses

  1. Don’t get overly hyped on the offense. You know as well as I do that their run production is going to be down this year and we need to rely much more on our pitching. And, to reward Mr. Beckett for his wonderful outing last night, the Sox dropped a 4 year $68 million extension on him today. Looks like another nail-biting season is upon us…

  2. Not overly hyped. I was just pleasantly surprised. And because they signed Beckett the Sox dont have to go after any pitching until 2014 because they have Lester (the true ace), Beckett, Lackey, Buchholz locked up until then. If Casey Kelly pans out he replaces Dice-K.

    Im confident the Sox will make the playoffs like they do every year. They are also best built for the playoffs with their 1-2-3.

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