Papi, Please Clean up!

A little more than a week away from opening day, and for the first time in almost a decade there are questions surrounding the Redsox offense. They have the pitching and defense all set ready to go. However can this line-up stay consistant all season. Can this line-up score runs when they need to. The way this line-up is set up right now i don’t see the redsox being in any type of “slug fests”. Sure 1 through 4 is still one of the best in baseball. Especially if Jacoby Ellsbury really steps up into that lead off role. You know what your gonna get out of Pedrioa and Youkalis. Victor Martinez should be pretty consistant aswell. He is gonna take on more of the catching load this season so that may have an affect on his offense. It has in the past. The Biggest question in this line-up comes from the biggest man in the line-up David Ortiz.

The Redsox now need David Ortiz more than ever. He has to return back to steriod form. Oh i mean 04-07 form. Now it’s ridiculous to think he’s gonna get back to hitting over .300 and hitting over 50 homeruns. However if Papi can get his act together and hit somewhere between .270 to .280 with 30+ homeruns that makes the line-up a whole lot better. The fear that Papi used to install into pitchers is now gone. We can’t settle for Papi hitting 5th or even 6th this year. He absoutly has to get back in that clean-up spot. Him in that clean-up spot gives Ellsbury ,Youk, and Pedrioa some protection. Also with him hitting 4th they can move victor in the 5th spot and give Papi a little of protection. In order for this to happen David Ortiz has to produce. With Papi in that 4th hole producing like he can that makes EVERYONE better. The three players I mentioned before batting infront will see better pitches. You won’t be able to pitch around Youkalis.  Ellsbury and Pedrioa will score a lot more runs. Something the Redsox will be in need of this year.

As of right now I see this offense in the middle of the pack in the American League. That’s a far cry from what we have been spoiled with in the past. However this offense is one bat away. They need someone like  Papi or  Manny to put them on their backs. We have seen Ortiz do this in the past. If he can’t do it anymore then a move has to be made. They need someone to put fear into pitchers so they can’t pitch around hitters like Pedrioa, Martinez, or Youkalis. David Ortiz can be that guy. We have seen a Glimpse of his old power this spring, and he looks to be in better shape. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.


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