The Bruins Will Win the Stanley Cup

Hockey News is the bible of the NHL, in that it claims to speak the truth and provides predictions of hockey greatness and peril. This past post season, back in August of ’09, they predicted the following conference standings.

Western Conference:

8. Blue Jackets

7. Stars

6. Ducks

5. Flames

4. Wings

3. Canucks

2. Blackhawks

1. Sharks

Eastern Conference:

8. Canadians

7. Sabres

6. Hurricanes

5. Devils

4. Flyers

3. Penguins

2. Capitals

1. Bruins

With less than 20 games left, these predictions now, are both comical and with certain omissions, are just plain wrong. (No one could have predicted the immergence of the Coyotes or the Kings in the West this season, unless of course you follow either of these two teams, which I doubt because no one does.) I however find the prediction of the Bruins at number one, not comical but coincidental in regards to my current opinion of where this regular season could take the B’s. Perhaps it was Team USA making me chew my thoughts about youth and chemistry, or perhaps it was my clear and conscious dismissal of the ability for a hockey team to pull off a “long con” or in non Lost related terms, be an upset team, but I have a new found hope for the Bruins, and their campaign to get into the playoffs. 

The Bruins are the only team in hockey successfully, since the Olympic break, riding two goalies, two goalies with the ability to win. (Canadians fans can suck it because Carey Price is a bitch.) If Thomas wants to show up, and steel the job back, whether the Bruins Organization likes it or not, he will do so, and he will be successful. I for one would not be worried seeing the Bruins enter the playoffs under the wing of Tim Thomas. Since, however, the Bruins recent and continued acknowledgement that Tim Thomas can still be a successful goaltender in the NHL, by actually playing him and winning, I would not mind if Tuukka Rask pulled the same wool over the team’s eyes, and remained the number one into the playoffs. I have left it up to unpredictability, though I still firmly believe Rask will be the weaker candidate, but I do believe this team has the goaltending core, the strongest in the NHL, to be this upset team over the Caps and Pens powerhouses. This is not to dismiss my claim that it takes one goalie to win it all, but until that first game in round one, whether it be the Capitals or the Penguins (which I strongly prefer for recent “personal reasons”), let us see who truly steps it up.

With the recent Savard incident, I still feel that with Bergeron and Krejci, the B’s are still very strong and competitive at the Center position. If and when Ryder, Satan and Sturm WAKE UP, and become valid finishers, we may have an offense. How they could wake up, is to simply shoot the damn puck. In fact, everyone needs to start shooting, or I will…metaphorically speaking. Until then, the Bruins have got to get their heads out of or around their own asses, and play physical (See: Mark Stuart) and smart defense. They ONLY worked to build this defense during the Trade Deadline, and unless Seidenberg, and a “healthy” Chara can step it up, it was all for nothing.

The Sharks in the West are forged to disappoint, but the Bruins, based solely off of these predictions, have been the most disappointing team of all. I, however, will go out on the farthest limb of this up and dramatically down season, and say that maybe a number seed for the B’s isn’t completely out of the realm of possibilities. They may not be able to accomplish this in the regular season, in fact, mathematically, they can’t, but holding that Cup after the playoffs, yields the regular season completely moot. The Penguins have a volatile defense; exploit it. The Capitals have an offensive defense, only; exploit it. The Sabres have Ryan Miller and……what else?…exactly; exploit it. The Canadians, Flyers, Rangers and Senators all can and have and will FLOP. Wait on this, and sprint towards the front. The hurdles get higher as the stakes get bigger, but the B’s have the tools to jump into that 6th spot, avoiding the Caps and Pens in the first round. Look for this to be the absolute key the Cup.

Yes. I did just call for the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup. I call for it based not on reality, so everyone with a loaded opinion, just relax. I call for it based on the ability for this season’s predictions to completely go under the radar and out of the realm of even the greatest hockey sports writers’ imaginations. I call for it after what proved to be an epic Olympic hockey showdown, a Winter Olympics which were NOT BORING, and will go down in the annuls of history as one of the best. I call for it, because bringing a Cup to Boston is the only way hockey in the Hub will ever truly be saved, and ever again be relevant.

Hockey News…your pride is still intact.

Post Script: The Boston Red Sox have “Red Sox Nation”. I, in turn, have a chronic case of Bruins “Cup Fever”. Let’s spread the campaign and keep the faith.

Post, Post Script: Peter Chiarelli deserves support from all Bruins fans, as a fellow fan. The moves are not solely up to him, and if you paid attention, there is pain in that man’s eyes. We must lend our comfort to him during these trying times.

Post, Post, Post Script: The league office let down Marc Savard and the Boston Bruins to save the name of Matt Cooke…? Maybe their rivers of drool over Crosby and the Penguins cash cow is running under the skates of all his teamates, so much so that they have a blind eye to any wrong doing coming out of Pttsburgh. Retaliation against Cooke is not warranted; But making life a living hell for Crosby?… now that is just justice.

Post, Post, Post, Post Script: Pierre McGuire is the Peter Gammons of the NHL, and Barry Melrose is the John Kruk. Hear them both speak playoffs, but only listen to one of them.

(See Also:  NTCF post, Cup Fever #1 – for my midseason playoff predictions)


2 Responses

  1. While I admire your optimism, I think you need a reality check. If the Bruins make the playoffs, their post season will last 5 games tops.

  2. …with a reply like that, you’ll never be the true Bruins fan I one day hoped you would be…reality has NOTHING to do with it…

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