The Lack of Defense is Offensive

I don’t care that Providence College almost capped off a colossal comeback in last night’s opening round of the Big East Tournament against Seton Hall.  I don’t care that with 13 minutes left and down by 29, they almost tied the game at the final buzzer.  As the cliché phrase states, “Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

It is preposterous that a team that is 6th in the nation in scoring can only win 12 games.  I understand that Providence plays in the Big East, which is the minor league of the NBA, forget the NBDL. I understand that Providence is a small school in a big conference. But I am of the feeling that within that conference they can compete.  Providence has the talent to be competitive in the nation’s toughest conference and they showed that all year-long by playing close with top teams.  During their infamous 11 game losing streak, they played 4 top 10 teams in the nation.

Last night Jay Bilas, Bill Rafferty, and Sean McDonough routinely bashed Providence and how bad their defense is and was. Rightfully so.  In the first 4 minutes of the game Seton Hall had 9 layups.  All season long Providence has shown zero interest in anything remotely close that could be considered a semblance of defense.  Sorry Keno, you may throw up 104 points but it means nothing when other teams can throw up 105 at will.  Whats worse is that watching the game you can actually see the lack of interest on the defensive end.  Jamine “Greedy” Peterson is the most guilty.  He will bust his tail on the offensive end with no regard for anyone else on the court.  But once the opposition gains possession of the ball he jogs back on defense with a lackadaisical effort.  Peterson personifies the term “dog.”

Coach Keno Davis says that the up and down style is a great recruiting tool.  Kids want to run up and down and throw up points.  While no one can question the young talent PC has,  it is hard to say the future is bright with their offensive mentality.  And to Keno Davis, a better recruiting tool is something called winning.  See Krzyzewski, Mike, Calipari, Jim, and Boeheim, Jim among others.  Unless Keno Davis can bring back John Linehan this team will continue to be terrible to occasionally mediocre.


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