March Mumbles

Beware the Mumbles of March!

*There is not much more that can be said about how fantastic a run the USA Hockey team put together during this year’s Winter Olympics.  But being a college graduate with a major in sports management, I see the success as more of an opportunity.  The NHL has the window it needs to capture an audience and to generate a fan base.  I think it is in commissioner Gary Bettman’s best interests to take a page out David Stern’s NBA marketing plan and to start marketing its athletes.  Sure, we all know who Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin are. Now it is time to expose the Zach Parise’s and Ryan Miller’s of the league.  The puck is in your zone Bettman, don’t be a siv.

*I have never been more angry at the Boston Celtics than I am now.  Rasheed Wallace claims the team is bored. Yeah Rasheed? Well my $125 and I were quite bored watching the New Jersey Nets wipe the hardwood with what was once a proud organization.  I would have loved to march up to Wyc Grousbeck’s office and ask for some of my money back at least.

*And to Kendrick Perkins: Don’t call out anyone on the team out ever again. Especially a future Hall of Famer in Kevin Garnett.  Garnett had 28 points and 12 rebounds against the Nets. You sir, were used, abused, and owned by Brook Lopez. Nice job with your line of 2 points and 2 rebounds.

*With Robbie Hummel going down for the season with a torn ACL, the Purdue Boilermakers go from Final Four hopeful to just hoping they can make the Sweet 16.  At the time of this writing I like Kansas, Kentucky, Villanova, and Duke as my Final Four. But I am still holding out hope that my Texas Longhorns will get their act together.

*Patriot Nation is rather concerned about the direction of their beloved Patriots. This off-season will prove pivotal in seeing where the Pats are headed. Can they continue their dynastic ways or will they slip into mediocrity.  They can head in the right direction by going against their business model by bringing in Julius Peppers.  It is no secret that the Patriots could not garner any pressure on opposing offenses last season.  By bringing in Peppers they will get a bestial pass rusher to compliment big Vince Wilfork.

*Stop reading this post, drop everything, you are doing and do yourself a huge favor.  Go see Shutter Island right now. It is easily the best movie I have seen since The Departed which ironically has Leo and Scorsese as well.  I am on the fence as to what I liked better, but I am leaning toward Shutter Island and I am looking forward to seeing it again this week.

*Everything that I have read and heard indicate that David Ortiz showed up to camp in fantastic shape.  This is obviously beyond good news for the Red Sox as they will need his bat in the middle of the lineup this season.  One has to believe that Ortiz is looking forward to silencing all of his critics from one season ago.  Add that motivation to a contract year, and I am expecting Papi to have a solid season.

* At the time of this writing Tiger Woods is home and getting back into golf shape.  I will forever be in Tiger’s corner. I hope he comes back for the Masters and embarrasses the rest of the field to the tune of winning by 10 plus strokes.

*Add Thomas Jones to the list of running backs that have an expiration date of 32 years.  Credit the New York Jets with being ahead of the curve and releasing Jones before he became another Shaun Alexander.  With all that being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing him as a 2nd running back for the Patriots.

*I fully intend on drawing up my own NFL Mock Draft when the time is right. But for now I will put down what the first five picks in this year’s draft will be.  I am certain Tampa Bay will trade up for the number one pick, so here is my prediction:

1) Tampa Bay selects Ndomukung Suh, DT, Nebraska

2) Detroit selects Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma St

3) St Louis selects Jimmy Claussen, QB, Notre Dame

4) Washington selects Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

5) Kansas City selects Eric Berry, S, Tennessee


8 Responses

  1. Tampa has actually been trying to get out of thier spot because they don’t wanna front the big money. However this may be because they only want a tackle named Suh and don’t care or value the other projected top five that much.

  2. Duke in your Final Four…ehh I don’t know about that man.

  3. Clausen over Bradford huh? Can’t say i disagree completely… And i might be with you on Duke they’re startin to look like they might do some damage..

  4. Oh and Shutter Island is that good… I’m going for my 2nd viewing later today

  5. Bradford is too big a risk after the injury and not being able to throw at the combine. Claussen is the most pro ready quarterback in the draft.

    I hate Duke as much as the next guy but they are solid and I think they are built for March with their experience.

    I will seeing Shutter Island again tommorow night!

    Thanks for droppin’ by Poon!

  6. Forever in Tiger’s corner? Really? What do you mean by this…. Are we talking golf-wise here, or do you support his obsession for other women’s vagina?

  7. I am forever in Tiger’s corner, period. What he went through over the past 3-4 months was ridiculous. I do not praise him for his extra-martial affairs. He obviously had a problem and its a situation with his family that will never be completely rectified. That being said…

    If my neighbor was having an extra-martial affair (or in Tiger’s case a few affairs) it would not reach the Cranston Herald let alone be a national story. I understand that Tiger is a celebrity, a corporate entity, and the face of several businesses. However this was his personal business and if anything a TMZ story, a story for low lifes that having nothing better to do with their lives than scrutinize that of others.

    I will stick by Tiger because the treatment he recevied from the national media was unfair to him. He was dealing with his own infidelities that did not impact anyone else’s lives other than those around him.

    Let us not forget that Ray Lewis murdered two people, Kobe Bryant raped a woman and Donte Stallworth took someone’s life driving while intoxicated.

    Those are real issues to get bent out of shape about.

  8. Duke doesn’t have the rebounding to bang the the big boys from the Big 12 and Big East. Their only chance is to do what a mid-major or two does every year and get hot from behind the arc, which is very possible because that is how they have been winning games this year. . .in the JVACC.

    I’m seeing Shutter Island too. . .and I like the way Nate plays for the Celtics (that was random).

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