Should The Celtics Protect this House?

It is all but official that Eddie House will be heading to the New York Knicks  with JR Giddens and a 2nd round pick for Nate Robinson. To me this is a lateral move at best. Eddie provides offense off the bench as does Nate.  While I am sure that there will be numerous breakdowns of this trade in the coming days and questions arising as to whether the Celtics did enough to keep their roster competitive enough to compete with the upgraded Cavs, I would like to take this time to remember what Eddie meant to the Celtics. Here are my top 5 Eddie House moments as a member of the Green.

5) Jaelen House, better known as Eddie’s kid was beyond entertaining to watch during the Celtics championship run in 2007. Whether he was slapping KG’s ass after a timeout, jumping up and down as Ray Allen nailed a three, or when Paul Pierce made his comeback after going down with the knee injury against the Lakers in the Finals, Jaelen was right there in the tunnel to greet him.  Who would have known that Little House would have been a spark plug in the Celtics drive for 17.

4) If it wasn’t for the Paul Pierce alley-oop pass to Rajon Rondo to send the Miami Heat game into overtime, Eddie would have had the play of the year against the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Stealing the ball from Kevin Love, tipping it to himself and saving it from going out of bounds by throwing a behind the back pass to Tony Allen, who finished the spectacular play with an and 1 dunk.

3) How about the playoff series against the Orlando Magic last year where Eddie caught fire? He drilled a three in the corner in Rafer Alston’s face scorching the net. Alston was beyond embarassed and slapped Eddie upside the back of his head.  Eddie’s reaction? “Nah, I didn’t say anything to him. That’s just what happens when you start bustin’ somebody’s ass, they resort to bush league tactics.”

2) In perhaps the greatest NBA playoff series ever played, Eddie House scored 16 points off the bench in Game 7 to knock out the pesky Chicago Bulls in 2009. He was four of four from downtown and was the offensive energy off the bench the Celtics desparetly needed.

1) Throughout much of the 2007 playoff run Doc Rivers benched Eddie House in favor of the alien veteran Sam Cassell.  When Rajon Rondo started to struggle in the Finals, and Doc finally realized that Cassell was playing like Betty White, he called upon Eddie House.  House gave the Celtics great minutes off the bench in the Finals and was instrumental in them taking home Banner 17.

While I do not love this trade nor do I hate it, I am skeptical that this wasn’t a move the Celtics needed to make.  With the Cavs upgrading their roster with the addition of Antwan Jamison, and the fact they are already the best team in the league, they are the clear cut favorites to have a parade in June.  I will always appreciate what Eddie brought to the table and found him to be one of the more exciting Celtic players I have seen in a while.  Hopefully he won’t be bustin’ our asses anytime soon.


4 Responses

  1. great article, i love eddie house for all the same reasons…this deal seems really pointless to be honest. He was definately one of if not my favorite guy on the team and I am sad to see him go


  2. I just read your post on Eddie as well. While I don’t like him as much as you do, I still think highly of him. The more I think of the trade, I don’t like it. Like I said in my post Danny just made a move to make a move. I am also upset they traded Bill Walker. I didnt see a reason for that.

    Eddie was offense off the bench. I am terrified that Kryptonate will be much like point guards of the past, Cassell and Marbury. I think I would of liked them to bring Tyron Lue out of the suit and into a jersey and let Eddie run wild off screens instead of bringing the ball up.
    I hope I am dead wrong and Nate turns out to be a mini stud but I will miss Eddie

  3. Bill Walker also went? I thought it was Giddens and 2nd rounder?

  4. Yea I’m under the impression that it was House, Giddens, and Walker for Nate and Landry. I agree that there is always a chance it could work out but i also agree that it was pointless. You said it really well when you said “Danny just made a move to make a move.”

    I also hope im wrong, but im pretty confident that i wont be and that the trade will not change the team significantly, for better or worse.

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