“Brief” Olympic Buzz Notes

* I will open my random list of buzz topics with a short story about how my day today applies directly to Olympic athletes and what makes them persistent and determined. I wake up every morning and adjust myself such that my boxers fit snug, yet comfortable around my thighs, my eggs and bacon, and my waist line. I go to work today, and I am really feeling the groove. I use the bathroom, early to late morning, and inexplicably and without warning, I lose this groove. I have lost the snug fit, the one thing which keeps a smile on face over the course of the day. I dig and dig, with complete disregard to the flocks of men walking in and out, baring witness to my epic struggle. They understand however, that I just can not find it anymore. For the rest of the day, I was on fire. Literally and figuratively on fire, and I flew from one task to another with ease. I couldn’t sit still, and this contributed wholeheartedly to my success. In all Olympic sports, aside from maybe curling, tights, spandex and a snug package make up a majority of an athletes competitive fashion. There isn’t a gold medalist yet, in the men’s competitions that is, who didn’t spend an hour before their run, race or game, who didn’t battle with their nuts, and no one can tell me that doesn’t hold some significance.

*Vonn, Davis and White made for the most exciting, though predictable, even by me and my previous Olympic champions anticipated post, night of the 2010 Winter Olympic games for the United States. (Keep in mind, that nothing in the Olympics is predictable.)

*Maybe I spoke too soon about the U.S. Men’s Hockey team. I predicted an eight place finish. I stick to my guns, but for now, they are proving to be better than initially anticipated.  (Canada is next…the initial buzz may be lowered to a soft whisper after Sunday). On a more accurate note, Russia and Canada are coasting, and the U.S. and Canadian Women’s hockey teams hold no competition other than each other. I may have also “follied” up anticipating the men’s Swiss  team being more competitive, but until they play Gerber, my take on the situation is not applicable. (I also may have flip-flopped the Slovakians and the Czech Republic, because the Slav’s don’t have goaltending, and the Czech’s are in fact playing Vokoun, and he is the force that took them to a bronze four years ago.) Hockey is about to get very exciting….WATCH IT!!

Editors Note: Gerber is actually hurt, right now…so…sorry Switzerland. That does not mean, however, that they are not playing well. Bruins Backup Golatender and Team USA’s backup goaltender, Tim Thomas, said that everyone really underestimated the Swiss, but beware, because that are not too shabby. Watching them make a game out of it with eventual silver medalist, Team Canada, has proven to be quite exciting.


2 Responses

  1. Gerber who?? Hiller was on fiyaaa

  2. I agree….that third period glove save ranks in the top five saves I have ever seen….we haven’t seen the last of the Swiss

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