This decade in New England sports has been phenomenal to watch as a fan. Who would have guessed we would see 6 championships in 10 years. If i were to pick a theme for this decade I would definitely have to go with defense. We have been privileged enough to see some wonderful defensive teams. The oldest adage in sports is “Defense wins championships”. You could make a case that every championship won by a New England sports teams has been because of their defense. There is no doubt in my mind the 3 patriot championships have been because of their defense. They had arguably the greatest defense mind in football for a coach in Bill Bellicheck, and great talent on the defensive side of the ball. Players like Ty Law, Teddy Bruschi, Willie Maginest, Richard Seymour, and Rodney Harrison. I could go on all day with the list of great patriot defensive players. Moving on to the two Redsox championships: they made an epic trade sending away golden boy Nomah to get better in the field rather than at the plate. How did that work out? Wonderful. Orlando Cabrera flashed the leather like no other shortstop we’ve seen before. Same could be said about Doug Mancavich at firstbase. In 2007 the Redsox lead all of baseball in fielding percentage bringing another championship our way. The one championship we’ve seen by the Celtics this decade was because of what? Very good class…Defense. Kevin Garnett came to the team and totally changed their identity, plus we had the basketball version of a defensive coordinator in assistant coach Tom Tibido. The Celtics that year lead the league in points allowed and field goal percentage against. With all that being said what we are about to witness this summer will surpass all those great defensive teams I just mentioned.

The 2010 Boston Redsox will be the best defense we have seen this decade hands down. Barring any major injuries. The players they have assembled in the offseason are all defensive minded players. 3 time gold glover Mike Cameron, 2 time gold glover Adrian Beltre, and Marco Scutoro who brings in a gaudy career Fielding percentage of .981. That goes along with Gold Glover Dustin Pedroia , Gold Glover Kevin Youkalis, and future Gold Glover Jacoby Ellsbury. Not to mention J.D Drew who covers more ground than any right fielder in baseball with the exception of Ichiro. That makes the Redsox strong in 7 of the 9 positions on the field. The Sox this year have the fastest outfield in baseball along with the best corner Defense. I will not be accepting any arguments otherwise because there aren’t any. The only way the Redsox could cover more ground in the outfield would be to sign Micheal Johnson, Carl Lewis, and Usain Bolt. Mark my words the Redsox will let up the least amount of extra base hits IN ALL OF BASEBALL. Let us move to the infield starting with the corners Adrian Beltre the best defensive third baseman in the game, and Kevin Youkalis the best defensive first baseman in the game. That’s right Yankee fans I said it. Good luck to teams this year trying to hit the ball down the line on the Redsox. Moving on the middle infield, Dustin Pedroia and Marco Scutoro. Pedroia, who has been the best defensive second basemen since his 2nd year in the league, has posted fielding percentages of .990, .992, and .991. That’s out of a thousand by they way. When playing shortstop, Scutoro has only once in his career posted a field percentage under .950. They both have incredible range which should make for some exciting double plays.

I think we all know the next prediction im gonna make. The 2010 Boston Redsox will have the best overall fielding percentage in baseball this year, maybe even of all time. That is very attainable. Now im not gonna go crazy and say they’ll win the World Series because they still have some lineup issues. But they also on paper have the best pitching staff. We will be seeing an awful lot of games with the final scores being 1-0, 2-1, 3-2 and so on and so forth. As we all know Pitching and Defense wins championships.


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