Wanted: A Big Man with Experience in Rebounding and Defense

All the trade talk hovering around the Celtics, specifically Ray Allen, really has me thinking. Do the Celtics really need Monta Ellis or Kevin Martin? Not really. Yes it would be nice to get a little more youthful at a high energy position, such as shooting guard, but it isn’t what they need, and it won’t necessarily make them better. If the C’s make even one of those trades, they’ll only be adding another shooter, which they already have plenty of. Will that put them over the edge? You could argue yes, because this team looks tired and they could use some young legs.You could also argue no, it won’t help on the defensive side of the ball or the rebounding category.

They need another big man, one with experience whose not afraid to bang down low, and rebound. If you watch every Celtic game, like I do, then you see them getting out rebounded virtually every night, especially  offensive rebounds. Rasheed Wallace almost looks afraid to make an offensive rebound (when he’s actually in the paint). Kevin Garnett isn’t 100 percent, so we can’t really expect much from him. The only one hustling to rebounds is Big Baby. Oh I’m sorry, Glen Davis.

The Celtics defense this year has been good, not great, like we’ve seen the past 2 years. With the exception of Kendrick Perkins it looks like they lost some physicality.  You could credit that to Garnett not being 100 percent and Rasheed Wallace being as soft as the toilet paper I just used. It looks like Garnett will never get to 100 percent, and Wallace won’t toughen up. This is not a good sign especially with Perkins being in foul trouble virtually every night. Are the Celtics able to add this piece? There really isn’t anyone on the free agent market now. Unless you want Michael Olowacan’tplay back. So you would have to look to trade, and ask who would be available to trade. Ray Allen? then you would lose a shooting guard. Rasheed Wallace? Yes, please. Would you be willing to give away young talent like Bill Walker or J.R. Giddens. Maybe Tony Allen, maybe Eddie House, however you do that you lose energy off the bench. Then you gotta ask, who would be available to trade for? The only guy I can really think of that’s been mentioned is Amare Stoudamire. I think his price would be a little high. There’s no one else really out there. But if the C’s can somehow make something happen and add a rebounding/ defensive minded big man like a P.J Brown type player, they’ll make a big run in the playoffs.


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  1. The realization we need to have as Celtics fans’ is that this team is simply not going to go deep in the playoffs. We are falling apart at the seems and something needs to happen. Sheed has been a monumental failure – possibly the worst signing since Telfair or Marbury. Watching Sheed play basketball is like watching Lost during the middle of season 2, where the writers had no idea what direction they were going in, frustrating viewers beyond repair. We had high hopes that Sheed would be a savior for the Celtics, limiting Garnett’s minutes while at the same time giving us an extra offensive option down-low as well as veteran defensive leadership. As we all know, none of this has happened.

    With regards to our other veterans, Pierce and Garnett are visibly aging at a rapid pace. Garnett can no longer jump nor play horizontally defensively (Going side to side for those of you who mix up horizontal and vertical). In the last 5 games, Garnett has had players’ beast him on the offensive end. On top of that, Garnett has missed, by my count, four ally-opps. That is at least 8 points in the last 5 games that could have made the difference between a win and a loss. My point is that he just doesn’t have it anymore. The injury he has will not go away, nor should we expect it too.

    Now, I agree that the Celtics need a big man; one that is a beast down low, gives valuable minutes, and sends a message of physicality to the opposing team. But this is not a matter of need because we already have a productive big man sitting on the bench named Sheldon Williams. He played his role at the start of the season, giving productive minutes, defending the best he could, and being physical. That’s all we need from a big man. You are delusional if you think the Celtics can get anything more than what Williams gives at the trade deadline. Simply put, Doc needs to play him more.

    Paul Pierce has had a productive year, but has not played the typical Pierce basketball I have loved his entire career. His three-point field goal percentage is up, but his free-throw attempts are down. For his career, Pierce’s average free throw attempts were floating around 8 per game. This year, his average has fallen to 6 per game. Now, this was what he averaged the year we won the title, but we had a healthier Garnett and a consistent Allen carrying the load. This year, his lower attempts show a lack of aggressiveness. Pierce no longer is living at the foul line because he is consistently behind the arc, looking to hit a three. When pierce was driving to the hoop, like Rondo does, offensive opportunities would increase for our team, and we would have the added benefit of increasing the opposing teams foul situation. None of this is happening when Pierce has the ball or when Rondo is off the court. Our offensive tenacity is evaporating. We are quickly becoming the 2005 Pistons.

    The Celtics obviously need to make a trade, and due to his expiring contract, Ray Allen has become our golden ticket to setting this ship right. I love Ray, but he hasn’t been doing it for me this year. Defensively, he is a huge liability (Think Kobe shot 2 weeks ago), and offensively he has become inconsistent. Allen’s averages are all way down, especially behind the arc where he is best known. Ray is shooting 33 percent from three, almost 7 percentage points off his career average. He is averaging 16 points per game, 4 points off his career average, and 2 points off his Celtics average. He is 34 years old, an age compared to early 30 running backs in the NFL. He just doesn’t have it anymore.

    Finally, my trade proposal and fix for the Celtics. The C’s need to get younger, and Ray’s contract gives them ample opportunity to do so. My proposal involves the rumored Bobcats as well as the underachieving Sixers. I propose trading Ray Allen to the Sixers for Andre Iguodola. This would give us an incredibly young and explosive player, as well as an elite defender to match up against the LeBron’s and Kobe’s of the world. Now, based on salaries, this trade would not work straight up. Here is where the Bobcats come in. I would trade Rasheed Wallace to the Cats for D.J. Augustin and DeSagana Diop. The Bobcats would also get Jason Kapono from the Sixers, and the Sixers would get Flip Murray from the Cats. The benefits for the Bobcats are that they get Sheed, a player Larry Brown loves, and an expiring Kapono contract. The Sixers get two expiring contracts in Allen and Murray, freeing up 20 million for next summers free agent circus. The Celtics get no expiring contracts, but get an amazing talent in Iguodola, and a backup point in Augustin. Diop is a waste of space, but could be a solid back up center just based on size and last name ability.

    Now will all this happen… absolutely not, but a man can dream.

    • They knew exactly where they were going during season 2 of Lost…they just didn’t know how they were going to get there…and they eventually succeeded…watching Lost transcends watching anything else…

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