Bruins Confidence Meter; Day 1 (A Wash)

Gordie Kluzak had the nerve to break the ice two minutes before the puck dropped today, and toss out a line of rumor that I had no clue existed. Tim Thomas is on the trading block, and a possible destination (?), the Washington Capitals… Gord needs to learn some bed side manner, number one, the Bruins organization would be diving into the past putting all their trust into a rookie goalie, number two, and this is last year’s Vezina winner playing with an extremely weak defense in front of him, we are talking about, and getting rid of Thomas as a leader and potential mentor to Rask, is a bad idea no matter how you swing it…number three. My confidence? Rock bottom.

A scrum in the corner, middle of the first period, O’byrne and Wheeler, drop the gloves. Wheeler removes his helmet, as if he’s been fighting all along, grabs O’byrne, pops him one time in the head, and then loses his footing and fall to the ice. Needless to say, I’m back…


The Bruins are victorious, for the first time since January 14th!!

“Bear” witness to the reimmergence of the Bruins’s and the collapse of the Canadians…

Now they have to keep it going…against the red-hot Ryan Miller and his Buffalo Sabres. To be blunt, that’s going to suck.

Go B’s…and don’t trade Thomas.

I will cry…


3 Responses

  1. weak defense? defense is the least of their worries. They give up 2 – 3 goals per game…it’s the lack of scoring in front of him

  2. thank you! I will soon post my thoughts about this

  3. 2-3 goals per game is a testament to the goaltending. 30 shots against per game, poor puck posession, and lead maintenance, all weaknesses, all testaments to poor defense chemistry. I will too post my thoughts on this, very soon.

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