Cup Fever #1


*The knuckle puck is dead. No one in hockey has ever used it, and with Kenan on SNL, he hasn’t the time to show it off and more than likely lost his soft touch. All we have left from our childhood hockey generation, fueled by D2, is Joshua Jackson in Fringe. It’s one hell of a show.

* Kessel in the past 21 games has scored only two goals. Direct quote from Kessel, “…it’s not going in (the puck in the net)…I just have to keep going and I have to be better.” He continues by trying to lighten the mood with a  joke. “I love it here in Toronto. We have a great group of guys here. I wouldn’t want to play anywhere else.” I think he missed is true calling as a comedian, especially amidst this slump.

*Kovalchuk’s going as early as tonight. Teams in the mix: Boston, Calgary, Chicago, New Jersey, New York Rangers, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Philadelphia and Anaheim. I would go to Chicago or L.A. With a quickly growing organization and a hen’s pen of young talent, Chicago is more of a media and fan frenzy hockey town than even New York. L.A. with Quick in goal and Kopitar at the helm is the number one rising team in the league. The Devils and Flames, would also be competitive options, and though the Duck’s are Getzlaf’s, they play hard, physical, (they are the Flyers of the West…assholes) and will always be in the mix. All three teams, however, have specific defensive based offenses, similar to the struggling Bruins, and for a goal scorer like Kovi, I can’t see the fit. Hawks or Kings…Flyers, Rangers or anywhere else, would just be a mistake.

*Mike Komisarek is out for the season, and will miss the Olympics. USA may slowly get better as they begin to take on more second stringers. The Leafs aren’t feeling it yet however, with Giguere getting a shutout and Phaneuf taking names in their respective debuts, but they will be very soon, and I will smile.

*The Canadiens will also be feelin the heat of a goalie controversy soon, just you wait, and look for the Bruins to capitalize and break out of their slump on Thursday night against their biggest rival.

*The Bruins need the Senators and Sabres to slow down. I do not see it happening. In reality, the B’s are only 4 points, (2 wins) out of 6th place. My playoff finishers are predicted below, and I admit I am a little optimistic. Also below is a pre trade deadline, pre olympic break stanley cup prediction. Enjoy.




2)Sabres (Stanley Cup Losers)








1)Blackhawks (Stanley Cup Winners)


4)Red Wings






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