Dear Celtics

Dear Celtics,

Hi it’s me, Lopes. How you guys doing today?  Remember in the Magic and Laker game you guys built a big lead due to transition buckets, and then totally went away from that in the 4th quarter to kill the clock.? Instead you killed your momentum and lost both games in heart breaking fashion. I mean you had both those teams beat, you outplayed them, you played great defense, Rondo put exceptional pressure on both defenses. But then in the 4th quarter of those games you completely stopped doing what was so succesful and started running half court sets even after defensive rebounds . There was no push and Rondo wasn’t even bringing the ball down the court half the time. So in closing to my letter, can you guys please stop this conservative time killing offense in the 4th quarter because at the end of the day you’re only killing  yourselves!  Thank you and goodnight.




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  1. I think that for the most part, and especially until you see a fully healthy KG, they wont be able to run as much as you would like them to. Three superstars in their 30’s trying to run around with and keep up with maybe the fastest PG in the game. And another thing is that if this team wants to go ANYWHERE… they will need this phenom to actually hit a free throw or two. The “Hack A Rondo” strategy is becoming quite evident. To have your facilitator shoot %59 from the line is a major concern. And one quick point thats off topic… if i hear anyone else say Kobe is the best Laker ever I might have to write my own blog.

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