Phaneuf Not Enough for Leafs; But Still…


Dion Phaneuf has been traded to the Maple Leafs from the Calgary Flames. He is arguabley the best “hitter” or “checker”, whatever you want to call it, in the NHL. He has also just been traded to the worst defensive team in the NHL this season. With a defense of Komisarek, Kaberle and now Dion Phaneuf however, I begin to question if they will soon emerge from the dog house. I then look at their goaltending situation, and say to myself, “Vesa Toskala?…No Problem!”. Then I read on and see that they have traded Toskala to the Ducks for one time Stanley Cup great, still has greatness potential, Jean Sebastian Giguere. I then, as a Bruins fan, ask if the Maple Leafs, one of the few teams worse than the Bruins at the moment, can acquire a brand new goalie, and reinvent their defense, acquring, in my opinion, the most valuable defenseman up for grabs this season, why couldn’t the Bruins even get a skate in the door on that deal. Don’t get me wrong, in a team by team, player by player, and simple offensive comparison between the two teams, the Leafs don’t stand a chance. That being said… Bruins… wake up!


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