Worst Fears Realized?

After watching the Boston Celtics lose to the Orlando Magic last night, I had my felt my heart break.  A heartbreak that only a true fan would ever understand and a casual observer would criticize.  To put this moment into words is rather difficult because I felt such disappointment in what had transpired.  I wasn’t overly upset that the Celtics lost. No, that will happen time to time.  I wasn’t even angry that they blew a 16 point lead to a conference rival. Nope, it has happened before.  What I saw was so upsetting it borders depression.

Kevin Garnett is getting old. He is no longer the force he was back in Minnesota and he’s not even near what he is when he first arrived in Boston. Last night, I watched Rashard Lewis drive by Kevin Garnett, as if he was a folding chair used in a dribbling drill for 2nd graders.  Garnett was beat like he was Jonathan Wilhite on 3rd and long.  Lewis didn’t even have to put a move on him to get by him. He simply ran past him on the baseline.  It is not like Garnett didn’t try to stop him, he just couldn’t.

This is what is so depressing about sports.  Fans fall in love with their players, becoming attached to their every move.  Boston Red Sox fans know what its like to watch the demise of a fan favorite.  No one crashed harder than Jason Varitek and his .158 batting average in the 2nd half of last season.  No one would criticize Varitek.  How could you? He gave us ten great years and 2 World Series titles as the backstop of the Sox.  Instead, his at bats went from fans pleading with ‘Tek to do something somewhat productive, to straight awkward. The awkwardness of watching a star athlete and hometown favorite in their decline is troubling.

If there is a bright side to this whole thing, for every Kevin Garnett there is a Rajon Rondo.  While Garnett is in decline, through no fault of his own with his knee injuries, we have enjoyed watching Rondo amaze night in and night out to the tune of an all star berth this season.

Is this an overreaction? That point could be made and I wouldn’t argue it.   But sports evokes an unspeakable emotion in fans. I grew attached to Garnett since his arrival and I wish he could maintain his elite level of play for ten more years. That is unrealistic.  Where the Celtics go from here, I have no idea.

My hope is that Garnett will bounce back from his poor play last night. My hope that he is able to have the team jump on his back and carry them to Banner 18. My fear is that the Celtics are aging and their run is over.


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  1. The window was small in 2007, and it is only cracked open now. The problem I see is that we have a young Center and PG for the future…where is everything else? That is the worry spot.

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