Ray Allen for Monta Ellis?

Any person that claims to be a Celtic fan has surely heard the trade rumor making its rounds around the NBA that was first reported by Comcast New England’s A. Sherrod Blakely.  In case you missed it, he reported yesterday afternoon that the Golden State Warriors were offering Monta Ellis for Ray Allen.  The Celtics would also have to take on Vladimir Radmonovic to satisfy the NBA salary cap.  A poll as of this afternoon on Celticsblog.com reported that 51% of those who took the survey would trade Ray Allen for Monta Ellis.  I further researched what the Golden State fan base had to say about it. Their response? 80% said they would not want to make the trade.  Since this rumor came about I have put some serious thought into if I would want to make this trade.

For the Warriors, they understand that the back court of Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis will never put them over the hump in the NBA’s competitive Western Conference.  As I perused the Golden State publications, I learned that the brass out there are out there are very high on Curry and want to build their team around him and not Ellis citing Ellis’ immaturity. Do you remember the mo-ped incident?  Ellis also has a rather difficult contract to absorb limiting them when it comes to making any free agent moves to improve the team.  Ellis is due $11 mill a year through 2013 with a player option of $11 mill for 2014.  Ray Allen is in the last year of his max contract. Bringing Allen in as a rental will ashore the Warriors plenty of money to spend with an eye-opening free agent class this summer.

The Celtics, however, have the opportunity to plan for the future with this move.  Ray is not getting any younger at the age of 34. His best years are unfortunately behind him.  Ellis is 24 years old and may have his best years in front of him.  The trade will enable Danny Ainge to remodel the Big Three in the ways of Rajon Rondo, Monta Ellis, and Kendrick Perkins.  For those that don’t know much about Ellis, the kid can play.  He is averaging 26.2 points and 5.5 assists per game.  He is second in the league to Rondo in steals.

With Ray Allen, his shooting slumps seem to be going on for longer periods of time and are coming up more often.  Being a lifelong fan of Ray from his days at UCONN, to the Bucks, and on to the Seattle Sonics it has been tough to watch the purest shooter in basketball struggle with his shot.  He is shooting a measly 34% from downtown and is averaging just under 16 points a game. 

But while his stats are down, I believe Ray is still the perfect fit for THIS team.  Basketball has a lot to do with chemistry and synergy. Ok fine, I’ll use the word, ubuntu.  Upon coming here, much was made if the Big Three would be able to gel as one and play together.  All three changed their games because they knew that’s what it would take to win a title. And they did.  While Ray may struggle, he is still a presence on the court and is in the back of his opponents minds.  At any point he can get white-hot and scorch the nets at will. (See the 2009 Chicago series)

While Monta Ellis is bordering on the brink of being one of the NBA’s élite, he would not fit in the Celtics puzzle.  Ellis is reminiscent of a younger Allen Iverson. Someone that always needs the ball in their hands to be effective.  On the Celtics, that just would not work.  Rondo realizes that and that is what makes him so good.  Ellis would slow down this team’s offense, not help it.  His defensive stats speak for themselves but I still feel he would do more harm than good in Celtic green.

Ellis is a great chip for the future. I may one day look back on this writing and say,"what was I thinkin’?"  Ray Allen’s deal is up at the end of this season. The money that has opened up from that could be (but probably won’t be) used for LeBron, D-Wade, or Bosh.  Yes, those moves are unrealistic to think about but the potential is there.  With many people in Boston being upset about Big Baby’s (excuse me)"Uno-Uno’s" lack of maturity, how will they handle any kind of slip from Monta?  Especially when Ray Allen exudes all that is professional and has the sweetest jump shot in the game to boot.

The Celtics can and will win with the team they have now. After spending much of the last two days sitting on the fence, I can say with all the certainty in the world, do not make this trade.


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  1. Call me crazy, I do not keep tabs on the ESPN trade machine, but would the following make sense? Keep Allen because his max contract expires, resign him to a midcap deal next year, since he wants to stay in Boston because of the medical facilities for his son. Dump Eddie House and Allen takes the House role of shooter off the bench. Make a play for the big free agents, focus on Bosh or J. Johnson, because the other two are out. Bosh helps KG manage his minutes over the final phase of his career and is a great compliment to Perkins. Johnson and Pierce begin fed by Rondo, would be tough. Enter the year in a potential luxury tax sitiuation, dump Rasheed “Out of shape” Wallace at the trade deadline next year.
    Core: Rondo, Pierce, Perkins, KG, Bosh(or Johnson). Reserves: Allen, Allen, Davis, Daniels.

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