Death, Taxes, and a Favre Chokejob

Wasn’t it obvious?  Less than 30 seconds left in the 4th quarter, the Minnesota Vikings only needed about 5-8 yards to set up a game winning field goal by Ryan Longwell to make sure their appearance at the Super Bowl.  The premature celebrations were going up in Minnesota as Ryan Longwell is one of the best at his profession.  The problem was number 4 was under center.  Yes, the game was in the hands of the most overrated athlete in the history of sports.  Instead of running up the field for about 8 yards and out-of-bounds, instead of dumping the ball of to a wide open running back, Brett Favre chose door number three.  He decided to throw across his body back into the middle of the field.  The ball was picked off and with it the Vikings lost the coin toss in over time, Drew Brees marched down the field, and Garret Hartley nailed a field goal to win the NFC Championship.

Did Brett Favre have a great season? Yes. Would Minnesota have made it this far with Tavaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfells? Absolutely not.  However it is time to shed the label off of Favre as being one of the all time great quarterbacks in NFL history.  Joe Montana, Dan Marino, and Peyton Manning he is not.  He couldn’t even carry their jock straps.  The difference between Favre and the aforementioned quarterbacks are that Favre loves to choke.  And before you start asking me where Dan Marino’s ring is, I’ll ask you when did he ever have something that remotely resembled a supporting cast.  His best receiver was Irving Fryar.

What does Brett Favre do? He chokes. Plain and simple.  We all know about the great stats he has and I’ll concede that it is amazing that in 20 years in the NFL he had 1 losing season.  Sure, he is forty and takes a beating but keeps getting up which is admirable.  But he has screwed over his last 3 teams when the spotlight has burned the brightest on him.  His last throw as a Green Bay Packer? An interception in the playoffs that cost them the game. His last throw for the New York Jets? An interception that cost them a playoff berth.  After starting 8-3 with the Jets, he imploded to the tune of a 9-7 record. And now he cost the Vikings a Super Bowl berth.  Just for kicks, his stat line with the Atlanta Falcons when he was a young pup? 0-4 with 2 picks. 

There is definitely something Shakespearian when it comes to Brett Favre. Everything starts out all well and good. He is the 40-year-old man who is playing a kids game and having so much fun doing it. But the reality is Brett Favre is a tragedy.  For Brett Favre, a chokejob is as definite as are death and taxes.


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