Championship Weekend

Last weekend was considered by many expert analysts as the most exciting weekend in the football season. Shown by the outcome of each game (barring Jets-Chargers) last weekend this notion of the most exciting weekend really fell flat. The Vikings brought down the hammer of Thor on the Cowgirls, the Saints almost killed Kurt Warner and then the Cardinals by crucifixion, and the Colts Poe’d the Ravens (all pun intended).
So my pick will be the Pats to make the Super Bowl and win by 7…at least that would have been preseason…
So the age old match up of dominating defense versus superior offense will once again come into play in both games in what should be the most exciting weekend of the season – at least we hope. The Colts and Saints bring those high-powered offenses into their own stadiums to defend their home turfs. In the case of the Colts, the Jets present a formidable foe. The Jets bring the number 1 defense to the table against what has perennially been a top ranked offense in the form of the Colts. The Colts, even after such a successful year, are still in a position where they have to prove something to everyone whether they like it or not. Not going for 16-0, or rather, not truly playing every game to win this season when it was in their possession to do so will be one of the greatest mistakes made in the NFL if they are not able to win the Super Bowl…there is no argument against that. The Jets have the advantage they had in the 1st round having already played the Colts as they did the Bengals. Why would the Colts want to play the Jets again? The most confident team left in the playoffs with a defense full of playmakers is the Jets. The Colts have to be satisfied that they downed the Ravens but they fell far short of presenting a dominating performance and now the Jets already have an idea of what the Colts could throw at them even if they did not “Play to win the game.”
On the other side, the Saints-Vikings gives us the NFC match up that we have been waiting for all season. After the Vikings convincing performance in the divisional round and the Cardinals laying of an egg to the Saints we really are left with the 2 best teams that the NFC has to offer. The Saints reaffirmed last weekend that scoring with them will be a challenge, and the tro uble for them is that they ran into the one team that can and will stop and out score them. Somehow the Saints became a running team in order to set up the pass. The Vikings have shown consistently throughout the season that they are not to be messed with on both sides of the ball. Trust that it viciously pains me to say that Brett Favre (should be pronounced Fahv-rah for those that speak English) has brought his CAREER A-game to the table for what will hopefully be his final season, although we all know that is not true, and the Vikings have made the playoffs because of that old man. Admittedly it is rather amazing that Brett was able to perform at such a high level this season having his best statistical year at age 40. So here it goes just over 12 hours before kickoff…
The Jets will beat the Colts 20-17 and the Vikings will triumph over the Saints 31-27…and then the Patriots will won the Super Bowl 21-17…shit…this is not 2007…

Ok I messed up and this should have been posted last night from my phone. . .wrong about the Jets. . .


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  1. hate rooting for Peyton but glad to see Sanchez not in the Super Bowl…and it looks like u have a chance to be pretty damn close for the Vikes game…as I speak Favre throws game losing INT, haha

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