Really Oakland?????

It’s hard to believe that Oakland was once a viable sports city.  The years of multiple 20 game winners in the same season, and the pursuit of excellence has been replaced by; overweight, overpaid quarterbacks, and a melting pot of young promising pitchers that leave the flock too soon.  The latest blow to the city known for its pollution comes from above….

Grant Desme, a 23-year-old OF who posted a 30/30 season last year was considered Oakland’s 8th best prospect, and, was the only minor leaguer to post a 30/30 stat line. 

When it all comes down to it Desme decided that being a priest was more appealing than playing for the A’s. I can’t say I blame him.



4 Responses

  1. why do we care about Oakland

  2. Ok, didn’t mean for it to come off the wrong way…but with the pictures of Brady, Pedroia, Pierce, and Thomas I understood this was a New England type blog…if I’m mistaken then so be it, but I still could care less about Oakland of all places, why not Kansas City for that matter? just seems random to me

  3. in my idiocy, I neglected to read the part he chose to become a priest instead….now i understand, that’s pretty bad

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