Step Away From the Edge

“I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend.”  The lyrics that open a famous Third Eye Blind song illustrate my current mindset when it comes to the Boston Celtics situation.  With the Celtics losing five of their last seven games Celtic fans are ready to jump off the Prudential Building.  To them I say, step away from the edge and come back down to earth.

They have lost to an undermanned Pistons squad, the red hot Dirk Nowitizki and his Mavericks, trounced by the Chicago Bulls,  and dominated by the Hawks twice all within the last two weeks.  Sure, these games have been very painful and immensely tough to watch down the stretch.  They have played without heart and even more frustrating they look absolutely disorganized.  Teams look tougher than the Celtics night in and night out.  That is what happens when you have a target on your back for 82 games.

Time for a reality check.  The Celtics still hold the number two seed in Eastern Conference and are two games back of the LeBron’s in the loss column.  Read that again, and this time remember that the Celtics are yet to play without their full roster this season.  Glen Davis was out for the first 20 or so games of the season, Marquis Daniels has been hurt for the last 2 months, and Kevin Garnett returns to the Celtics lineup tonight after a bit of a hiatus.  Also missing time recently have been Rasheed Wallace and Rajon Rondo.  There is no doubt that when this team is healthy, they are far and away the best team on the planet and pose some serious matchup problems for their opponents.

The Nate Robinson rumor has been swirling over the past month.  At first the Knicks would have asked for any two player combination of Tony Allen, JR Giddens, Bill Walker, or Brian Scalabrine’s expiring contract.  But recently, KryptoNate has exploded since the calendar year has changed.  On New Year’s Day Nate dropped 41 on the Celtics’ nemesis Hawks.  He has since had games of 10,20,19,11 and 27.  This has elevated the asking price considerably.  Mike D’antoni is infatuated with Eddie House.  The price might Eddie and Scal for Nate. What else makes this trade interesting is the Cavs’ loss of Mo Williams for 4-6 weeks.  The Cavs would be able to send Zydrunas Illgauskas’ expiring contract to the Big Apple. 

All this being said I think the main thing the Celtics need is not a big trade but to get healthy.  There is no need to make a PJ Brown move this year. And we sure as hell don’t need another Mikki Moore, Sam Cassell, or Stephon Marbury.  The Celtics will make their move this season.  It will be in the form of getting Marquis Daniels and Kevin Garnett back healthy.  We all know Kevin Garnett is the heart of this team. But Daniels will ultimately decide how far the Celtics will go this season.  He is the perfect backup to Rondo, Pierce, and Allen bringing length off of the bench and the ability to handle the ball.

So step down Celtics fan and relax.  I can say with total confidence that everything will be okay.


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