Mumbles #1

Anyone who knows me, understands that I have an annoying mumbling problem.  It is not so much that I do not know how to talk because lord knows I can babble with the best of ’em.  I tend to think that my mumbling comes from saying something out loud that sounded good in my head before I spoke it.  When the sentence is halfway out, I realize that the comment is either irrelevant or just plain stupid.  So I figure, I would make a negative into a positive and turn my useless mumbles into an actual post.  Without further adieu, I present Mumbles, Edition Two.

*I have to question Derek Jeter’s thinking.  This past week he and girlfriend Minka Kelly (of Friday Night Lights fame) announced a wedding date sometime in November.  Jeter is the last high-profile athlete to not get caught up in the malestrom that is marriage for a professional athlete.  No I don’t have a bleak outlook toward marriage, but facts are facts and marriages always end in disaster for high-profile athletes. (See Woods, Eldrick and Rodriguez, Alex).

*I would like to see the Patriots actually trade up in the draft if possible this year.  They should do anything and everything in their power to get in the top slot to take Ndomukung Suh. I don’t care about rookie salary’s. He would be an actual game changer and someone the Pats need to bolster their lackluster defense. And the Pats have the resources (plenty of picks between 2010 and 2011) to do it.

*Has the injury bug ever hit a region so hard in so short of time? Garnett, Wallace, Rondo, and Pierce have all missed time for the Celtics. Wes Welker’s injury was obviously devastating to the Patriots. The Bruins have been absolutely depleted because of injuries to Patrice Bergeron, Marc Savard, and Milan Lucic. I just really hope that all these injuries go away by April at the least so both the Celtics and Bruins can make runs in the playoffs.

*The rumor of Chris Bosh to the Lakers for Andrew Bynum terrifies me. Adding Bosh to that Laker lineup has to make them the favorites to win the title.

*As much as I loved Bobby Knight as a coach, I equally dislike him as a commentator.  The only cool thing is he talks as if he is the real coach which is all well and good, but leads to poor commentary.

*In my surfing the net, I read that Tennessee running back Chris Johnson and Olympic track superstar Usain Bolt are looking to race each other.  Also interested in racing these guys? Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo.  If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on Bolt.

*All this Mayweather-Pacquiao squabbling is unnecessary.  Either Mayweather legitimately fears Pacquiao or Pacquiao is using illegal drugs to box. Now they are both going to fight on the same night in different locations.  If all this is nonsense is to build more hype, they are wasting their time.  Coming from less than a casual boxing fan, I want to see this fight so badly that I’d be the sucker that pays $60.  There is no need to create anymore animosity between the two. In the words of the great Mills Lane, “Let’s Get it On!”

* I have found myself rooting for the Jets these NFL playoffs.  I hate myself for it.

*Quick! Without looking it up, who leads the NBA in 3 point field goal percentage? If you answered Jared Dudley, you are correct and you also cheated.

* My recipe to fix the Bruins’ latest slide is this.  Get healthy. Acquire Ilya Kovalchuck.  Mix well.


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