Kendrick Perfect

The emergence of Kendrick Perkins has been crucial for the Celtics fast start this season. It seems like Perk has really stepped into his role and is really starting to look for his shot.  In past years we have seen him a bit hesitant to break down his man and instead of driving to the basket or posting up he has looked to find a teammate. Not this year. He is a new Kendrick Perkins. He’s getting the ball in the post and reeking havoc down low. He’s finally posting his man up and looking for his shot. He has already surpassed his season total in shot attempts from last season and he’s converting on them as edividenced by his  leading the NBA in field goal percentage.

During Perk’s early days with the Celtics,  you would have never saw this coming.   Drafted straight out of highschool, he didn’t get much playing time for his first season, only playing 10 games that year. His second year in the league he played 60 games but didn’t really show any true potential. His third and fourth year weren’t any different.  He looked like he should have gone to college and refined his game. He was looking like a bust. Then things changed. The Celtics signed a man named Kevin Garnett and that was the biggest signing of Kendrick Perkins career.

The 07-08 NBA season brought Kevin Garnett to Boston and when the Celtics signed Garnett they got a new Kendrick Perkins as well. Now, he still wasnt very productive on the offensive side of the ball, but you saw a big change in him defensively. He and Garnett became monsters down low on defense. You could see Garnett’s intensity rubbing off on Perkins. That’s when he became "Angry Perk".  His physical play was a big part of the success of the Celtics defense that season. He didn’t look back from there. He carried that with him into next season. When Garnett went down with the knee injury, we started to see the Kendrick Perkins we’re seeing this season, especially during the playoffs.  Despite the Celtics early departure that year, Kendrick  really shined. He averaged a double double, recording 12 points and 11 rebounds a game. He also played 36 minutes a night.

Now Perkins  isin the upper echelon of  centers in the NBA.  His numbers may not be that of a Dwight Howard or a David Lee, but still very solid.  He also does a lot for his team, that many centers cannot do as far as his physical play, which is unmatched by any center in the NBA.  He’s 4th among centers in blocked shots and 1st in technical fouls. That’s what you want in a physical center like Perkins.  He’s not afraid to send a message early to the other team, and usually the  message he sends….hurts. His scoring is up, doubling his career average this season and he is close to averaging a double double posting 12 points and 8 rebounds a game. He’s been a constant contributor to the Celtics all season and it looks like he isn’t going to stop anytime soon. As I mentioned earlier, he’s leading the NBA in field goal percentage, taking 11 shots a game and converting on 6 of them. Now it is not 20 to 25 shots a game but he has still been very efficient. Perkins has also been playing well against the top centers in the league. One example is holding Dwight Howard to 5 point  and  9 point performances.

He’s a big part of this Celtics team and continues to improve his game every night. He’s becoming a force down low and a main option for a Celtics team that already has 3 prolific scorers. While his game is not pretty, it’s effective, and look for Kendrick "Angry Face" Perkins to make a big impact for the Celtics as they gear up for a stretch run into the playoffs.


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