An Attempt at Giving Thanks. . .

We, as New Englanders, are currently in what I shall name “The Golden Age of New England Sports.”  I am 24 years old and have lived in the small state of Rhode Island for every one of those years.  Like the majority of all sports fans my team loyalties have been handed down to me through my family members, who in turn have learned their ways from the generation before their own.  The thought that sports are able to transcend time is more than a thought, it is a fact.  In an athletic world of the individual “what have you done for me lately?”, a fan has the luxury of bragging about what their team has done for them lately as well as in the past, even if they were not alive to witness it – trust me, those of us who were loyal Red Sox fans before 2004 had to deal with our friends who are Yankee fans making sure we always knew that they had won 26 rings.  Here in New England these last 9 years have given us the chance that not many other regions have had, that is an ability to not just focus on what ONE of our teams has accomplished, but rather all 4 year in and out.  I am not going to give you a detailed history of what this region has accomplished lately or in the past, you should already know what your team has done.  I just want to provide some perspective here after what we will call “disappointments” in the form of the Patriots and Red Sox, although I do not see their respective seasons as disappointments.

Every goal of a major sports team is to win a championship, very simple to state.  Underneath that, a goal within that goal is obviously to make the playoffs because you definitely cannot win a championship without making the playoffs.  When a team makes the playoffs, no matter what seed or how good the team they are facing is, that team at the very least has a shot at bringing home that ring.  This means that we as fans should be thankful that we live in this part of the country and have been been rewarded with management of our teams that appear to try very hard at bringing us winners in the athletic arena.  If I was a baseball fan living in Pittsburgh I would be pissed off..  There is something we for the most part do not have to worry about.  We very much give our undivided attention to our teams while they make their postseason runs in the regular season…here is a question for you: does anyone really believe that if the Red Sox tore down Fenway and built a new ballpark that there would be any empty seats in the place when it first opened and throughout that season, even if it were somewhat more expensive?  Yea, me neither (there’s my first shot at Yankee fans).  These chosen words here were only typed to give us all a little perspective on what we are watching, and although 99% of fans in this part of the country are reactionary, it should always be in the back of our minds that the majority of moves made by our teams are what they truly believe are in OUR best interest…


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