Thanks Mark

Thank you, Mark McGwire.  Yes, you read that correctly. I am in fact grateful that Mark McGwire put baseball back on the map in 1998.  Sure, it was by any means necessary (steroids), but I am happy he did. In fact McGwire was a martyr.  His legacy as a baseball player is dead, because he sacrificed his potentially Hall of Fame career for the greater good, saving baseball. 

What people fail to remember about the late 90’s was that baseball was coming off a strike, one so severe that it cancelled the World Series.  Baseball back then was what the NHL is today, dead.  It was like that until the summer of ’98 when McGwire and Sosa had the race to 62.  And what a summer it was!  My Red Sox were terrible and I needed something to root for. I found myself captivated by Slammin’ Sammy his 66 hops out of the batter’s box after he jacked a bomb.  Nevermind I was a bit curious how Sosa seemingly came out of nowhere to blast that many home runs, I was just having so much fun tuning into ESPN to see live at bats of Sosa and McGwire.

No, I wasn’t rooting for McGwire at all. I felt he had to vanilla of a personality and was near impossible to root for. Then the best thing happened to him and that was Sosa, who just looked like he was having so much fun playing the game.  And this made baseball fun again for people all across America, not just Chicago and St. Louis.

I can say thank you to McGwire because he finally has come clean.  Does anyone really care anymore that these guys used steroids? Sure it is fun to get the heckling in a little bit when they come to your home stadium but after the guy’s first at bat it stops, as long as they come clean.  People like Andy Petitte and Jason Giambi (although Yankees) are fine in my eyes.  They confessed their wrong doings and have moved on. Clemens and Bonds? Not so much.  After their repeated denials, even if they did come clean today, they wouldn’t be forgiven.  Is McGwire totally forgiven in the public eye? Probably not.

If people are still looking to blame someone for the steroid era, look no further than Bud Selig and Donald Fehr.  They knew full damn well players were using steroids and they turned a blind eye.  Now suddenly these guys care and have claimed they have always tried to keep the game clean.  Give me a break.

Steroids saved baseball.  Bold statement? Yes, that argument is plausible. But I don’t even think it is an opinion.  It is more fact.  Without that home run chase in ’98 who knows where baseball would be today.  So thank you, Mark McGwire. In my eyes you are a martyr in the world of baseball.


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  1. “…he sacrificed his potentially Hall of Fame career for the greater good, saving baseball.”…

    That is sickening.

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