Where Have You Gone, Tom Brady?

Tom Brady.  Many, especially in this geographical region, will argue is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.  Brady won 3 Super Bowls and lead his team to an undefeated season before losing to the New York Giants in the 2007 Super Bowl, 17-14.   Tom Brady.  Owner of the single season touchdown passes record with 50, owner of 2 Super Bowl MVP’s, and a slew of postseason and regular season records.  Tom Brady.

But no longer does number 12 play like the aforementioned Tom Brady.  It is as if he has undertaken a Bledsoe-like persona in recent years. Sure 2008 was a wash due to the devastating knee injury suffered in the first quarter of the regular season.  It is my belief the proverbial death of Tom Brady took place on February 3, 2008 when he  5 times by the New York Giants and could only lead his offense to a measly 14 points.  The same offense that trounced its opposition all season long to the tune of a record-setting season in points scored.  Sorry Pats fans, that Brady that we all knew and loved mind as well be dead and gone.

All this season I sat in amazement at the poor decision-making of Tom Brady.  I sat through Bledsoe making dumb passes trying to avoid a sack for a solid 8 seasons. I tend to have PTSD when seeing a quarterback try to make something happen these days because it reverts me back to number 11.  Yet Brady was the anti-Bledsoe in his first seasons and never made anything close to a bad decision. Now I am watching him throw the ball away in the MIDDLE of the field in the direction of 4 DEFENSIVE players without a reciever in sight.  Now this didn’t just happen this past Sunday.  It happened throughout the season.

Many people are left wondering whats going on with the Patriots.  They have brought in all this star power and have no Super Bowl to show for it.  During their Super Bowl years the Pats had guys that made plays on their teams. JR Redmond and Jermaine Wiggins were huge in the first Super Bowl win over the Rams.  Deion Branch, David Givens, and Mike Vrabel were awesome  in the win over the Panthers. It was Branch and this time Rodney Harrison in the win over the Eagles. And of course, Adam Vinatieri hit the game winning field goal in all three games.  Brady was never a superstar in these games and just did his job managing the offense and not turning the ball over.

That Tom Brady is gone. At some point the celebrity of being one of the game’s greats consumed him and he got away from what actually make him great.  Some will joke that Giselle is a distraction and anybody with have a brain (or sex drive) can see why. But in all honesty its unfortunate that Brady has evolved out of what it was that made him truly the greatest quarterback of all time.

There use to be an argument that said Brady and Peyton Manning were 1A and 1B.  That is no longer the case as Peyton has blown Brady out of the water this season leading his team to a 14-2 record with mediocre receivers outside of Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark,  The Colts also have close to no running game.  Yet when a team is ahead of the Colts in the 4th quarter they know not to sit back on their laurels.  Manning has amazed and strikes fear into the opposition like no other. Or like the great Tom Brady use to be able to do.

Many people have asked what are the Patriots going to do to get back on track and start winning again.  The answer is simple.  Tom Brady has to get back to what made him successful in the first place.  Keeping the game simple and excellent decision-making.  Without Brady playing like the Brady we remember from years past, it does not matter what the Patriots brass decides to do this off-season, they will not win until Brady gets his act together.


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