Rule of the Brady Dynasty

The Patriots, without question, are the team of the decade in the NFL, with a strong case to be made in all sports.  Three Super Bowls in four years and playoff appearances in 7 out of 10 years in a decade, including being one half away from a 5th Super Bowl appearance that would have concluded in domination of the Rex Grossman Bears, solidify that title.

The problem for the Patriots lies in that title alone.  “Team of the decade” is the decade that has already come and gone.  The Patriots dominated this time period, and although the Indianapolis Colts acheived slightly more wins than the Patriots, the Pats won those 3 Super Bowls and constantly beat teams that were deemed “unbeatable” in shocking or convincing fashion.  Based on numbers, the Patriots have earned this, but what is commonly overlooked is how the Patriots have done it.  Those 3 titles are the finishing argument in this case, but the driving argument is that the Patriots have dominated the NFL with a system, installed by Belichick, that has made sure every player on the team has a role and if that player is called upon to perform his job he is expected to do so whether he is 1st, 2nd, or 3rd string.  Rarely do you see a team move players in and out so frequently while still winning at the pace of this team.  This winning and “never say die” attitude has carried them through each year of this decade giving Patriot fans something they have never had – a feeling that every year their team can go out and win it all.

Yet, all good things must come to an end.  Dynasties throughout history have come and gone.  Some have ruled for hundreds of years, others for decades, and it appears as if the Patriots have just had their decade of rule.  In no way should this be interpreted as saying the team led by Tom Brady will never obtain another Super Bowl title because as long as No. 12 is throwing the football for you, you have a chance.  This is more of a reflection that we as fans of this team can no longer take ANYTHING for granted, first and foremost a playoff berth. 

The AFC East is making jumps and strides in terms of toughest divisions in the NFL.  The Dolphins are doing what no one thought possible by successfully carrying out the Wildcat against tough run defense teams, while at the same time having acquired what I see as the QB of the future there in Chad Henne, having already beaten the Patriots with good support from his arm this year, AND adding a rejuvenated Rickly Williams to a franchise guy in Ronnie Brown.  As much as it pains me to say it, the Jets behind Sanchez and the overpowering defense carried over from the Ravens employed by Rex Ryan, with additional focus on a rookie shut down corner, are going to be around for the long run because they are supplied with youth and the key veterans that are necessary for a team to win.  Finally, the Bills…umm…might have a new coach?…anyway…

What does this all mean?  It simply means that yes, the dynastic domination the Patriots have employed for the better part of ten years is finally coming to an end.  Watching yesterday as they were totally dismantled and taken out of the game, quickly going down 2 scores in 5 minutes, had me sitting there thinking it was the year 2000 as opposed to 2010, watching what I will call Brady’s “Bledsoe” interception.  The Patriots will be contenders for the division title for years to come, assuming Belichick stays and Tom Brady receives an assumed contract extention before it expires at the end of next season and not to forget an extention or completely new contract for the big man who controls the middle Vince Wilfork, but for the short-term and possibly the long-term we can never again assume the Patriots will start a season as the frontrunner for the Super Bowl.


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  1. I would like to correct the fact that the shut down corner I mentioned is not a rookie…apologies…

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