Colt McCoy or Goat McCoy?


Yes, he is the winningest quarterback in NCAA football history and yes he has earned a considerable amount of hardware in his 4 years at Texas.  However his legacy will always be as the guy who didn’t win a national championship or a Heisman Trophy.  He is the third best quarterback of his generation behind Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford. He solidified that notion last night.

Is it fair to come down on Colt McCoy this hard? Probably not. Was it fair that he went down on the 5th offensive play of the game for the Longhorns last night, not at all.  McCoy had the chance to answer several questions last night. Instead he went down early with a pinched nerve and now more questions have arisen.  All things considered he had an underwhelming senior year at Texas.  Nothing close to his remarkable junior year where the BCS screwed the Horns out of a national title bid in favor of Oklahoma, a team they beat by 10 during the regular season.

So last night ushered in the Garret Gilbert era a little earlier than I expected in Austin. As a diehard Longhorns fan it broke my heart to see McCoy go down and the freshman take on the pressure of a national championship.  Gilbert was understandably visibly nervous in the first half. Yet, when McCoy came out of the locker room and threw a headset on, the Horns made a very memorable push closing a 24-6 halftime defecit to a 24-21 nail biter, before Alabama asserted itself in the last 3 minutes and ran away with the game. 

Originally, I was nervous with Gilbert coming into the game.  I feared he would be mentally scarred for the next 3 years at Texas and all hope would be lost.  Yes, he is more physically gifted than Colt, however Colt had the experience.  Without McCoy on the sideline the non-existent running game predictably struggled and Gilbert did not look good. 

 It was no coincidence the Longhorns made the push when McCoy came back out to the sideline.  He does possess uncanny leadership qualities.  He is an accurate passer completing over 70% off his passes over his storied career. Yet, his draft stock is at an all time low with questions about his toughness arising. 

It’s unfortunate that with a career as great as McCoy had, he will have no closure whatsoever.