Is Colt, 45?

Colt McCoy has a chance tonight to place himself in an elite class of college football players.  Albeit McCoy has not obtained the most heralded award in college football, the Heisman Trophy, he has acheived a list of awards and accolades that have put him in a class of, at the very least, esteemed players. 

The main focus given to an athlete when judging them on whether or not they were great is looking at if they were winners.  Colt McCoy has the most wins of any quarterback to ever play college football.  Tonight can change his classification from esteemed to great.  Tonight Colt McCoy can win a BCS National Championship.  The title of this article is a random slap in the face of where he may be ranked amongst the best college quarterbacks before tonight (maybe it is more of an exaggerated irrational look at his career).  Yet, as just said McCoy can become the real McCoy by adding a national championship to his repertoire.  He has been freshman of the year, offensive player of the year in the Big 12, offensive MVP in each of the 3 bowl games he has played in, a first-team all-American, and college athlete of the year amongst other awards and honors.  He came as close as you can come to the Heisman honor, being the runner-up in 2008.  Tonight, adding “National Champion” to all of this places him in the argument for best college QB’s of all-time and completely wipes the recent memory clean of his struggles against lower class teams such as Texas A&M and Nebraska.

So in closing I guess a part of me wants to see Colt McCoy acheive something tonight that the majority of college players will never be able to, but also with my blogmate Scottie being very one-sided on this issue it would not anger me if Texas got completely stomped…flippity flop…


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