Sox Sign Beltre

Numerous outlets (including the usual suspects Rosenthal, Olney, etc) are reporting that Adrian Beltre has signed with the Boston Red Sox.  The contract is believed to be worth $10-12 over 2 years.

Not many people are going to be fans of this signing for numerous reasons, mainly because it does spell the end to Mike Lowell’s career in Boston.  Theo was true to his word about shoring up the defense this offseason.  The Mike Cameron signing showed that was the direction the Sox were going in and now the Beltre signing confirms it, as Beltre is a top 3 defensive 3rd baseman.

While I am not ecstatic about the sign, I am not terribly upset either.  Long gone are the days of the Sox signing sluggers and praying for 50 home runs a year.  Baseball is in a transition phase from steroid ball to actual baseball.  I do like that the Red Sox are ahead of the curve by going after pitching and defense.  That said I know I will be frustrated with lack of run support and the possibility of losing a lot of 1-0 and 2-1 games.

So here is what my projected lineup looks like:

CF Jacoby Ellsbury

2B Dustin Pedroia

C  Victor Martinez

1B Kevin Youkillis

DH David Ortiz

RF JD Drew

3B Adrian Beltre

LF Mike Cameron

SS Marco Scutaro

Think Beltre can put up the .334/ 48 home runs/ and 121 RBI’s he put up in 2004? Yeah, me neither.


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