Julian Edelman…A fanbase turns its eyes to you

.On the opening drive of the Patriots game against the Texans today, leading receiver Wes Welker went down awkwardly after catching a pass from Tom Brady on one of his patented run after the catch plays.  After seeing him go down you could immediately feel all of Patriot Nation lose their breath.  Welker walked gingerly off the field with some assistance and was carted to the locker room saying goodbye to his season with a torn MCL and PCL.  Somewhere Rodney Harrison understands what Welker is feeling right now.

Because the Patriots are who they are: a competitive, in your face, full of pride, professional organization they played their starters for the majority of the game today even though their playoff bid was sealed.  In reality, they had nothing to play for today. Despite Welker going down,  I don’t think I have ever been more proud of this organization as I was today.  You see, other organizations around the league (whom I will not name) would lay down and not be competitive with nothing to play for.  Sure, the Patriots will be criticized nationwide for playing Brady, Moss, and Welker.  But for them not to put their best team on the field is dishonest and it slights NFL fans.  Word came out today that Brady has playing with 3 broken ribs.  Now I doubt that report is entirely accurate, but everyone knows Brady has been playing with various injuries all season long. And he still played today!

Now the Patriots find themselves hosting a playoff game next weekend against the Baltimore Ravens without their main possession receiver.  Much is made about the character of a team and whether they can overcome adversity.  This Patriot group has had its share this season with players showing up late for practice and being sent home, lack of effort from a superstar, questionable coaching calls, fumbles on the goal line, and now losing a top player for the rest of the road to the Super Bowl.

Now, the unheralded players will have their shot. Julian Edelman, who appears to be a Wes Welker clone, will be a main cog in the offensive attack.  It will be time for some semblance of a running game to show up: enter Fred Taylor.  The Pats were smart today in getting Edelman the ball 10 times for 103 yards, Welker-like numbers.  Taylor had 2 touchdowns on 7 carries as well.  With reports of Brady being hurt, it was good to see backup quarterback Brian Hoyer get a little action in the 2nd quarter and on the last drive of the game.  If Brady is to go down in the playoffs, Hoyer will have at least some game experience.

The biggest concern outside of Welker will be the Pats defense which is synonymous with swiss cheese when it comes to the fourth quarter.  The pats blew a 14 point lead with 10 minutes to go, giving up 21 4th quarter points.  Johnathan Wilhite is a main cause for concern as he seems to get beaten like a drum game in and game out.  Fortunately for the Pats, the Ravens don’t have an incredible passing attack as they are more of a ball control offense.

Now with the injury to Welker and the poor defensive play, if the Pats are to get past the first round, it should be viewed as a bonus.  Here is to hoping we get to see a number of bonuses.


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  1. Pats are fucked, period. And to even entertain the idea of Hoyer coming in with “experience” is laughable…Hoyer couldnt even connect on slants. Edelman filled in nicely, but the Pats are fucked.

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