Enragin’ Me Rondo

No, that is not an actual name change even though for some of us it may seem to fit just right.  The title shows what could be the outcome of Rondo’s career with the Celtics.  It is not that Rajon Rondo is not one of the top 3 PG’s in the league, because in my opinion he is, hard to argue that when you look at the statistics and if you think that it is too early in his career to make a judgement such as this then I have to argue that you are wrong.  This first post of mine has to do with what I see as the reason he will never be considered one of the best Celtic PG’s of all-time, let alone NBA history…(given his athletic ability, quickness, and ability to see the floor, rebound the ball, and score the ball this is extremely feasible).

Rondo cannot shoot the ball.  Wait, you already knew that? Let me say again, Rondo cannot shoot the ball.  Defenders play Rondo as if he was a center receiving the ball 19 feet out looking to pass, which then to their dismay becomes his strength, that is his quickness that comes in blowing by said defender.  Yet, that can only get you so far when the defense condenses.  If Rondo worked as hard as he could at developing that 15-20 foot jumper he then develops into a legitimate scoring threat…once again as if you did not know this.  As we have seen, and in relation to the title of the blog, Rondo’s main problem lies in the change of persona we see happen at the line.  It is undeniable that Rajon has the attitude of a killer when the ball is in his hands, but that killer turns into the victim when he is fouled and went to the line.  Recent history is the basis of all sports arguments, and Rondo’s performance at the end of the horribly officiated Golden State game is going to be in mind until I witness him step into a big spot at the end of a game and knock down the critical free throws.  Injuries to Pierce, KG, and now Big Baby make this the time where Rondo can prove himself as a threat throughout the entire game.

The length of this first post is not too long because this is a pending situation that needs a follow-up, and the only way a follow-up happens is if Rondo can get over this mental wall that he created when he went to the Shaquille O’Neal School of Free Throw Shooting…and ended up graduating top of his class, close to the founder.


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