The Red Sox: Moving Forward Without Jason Bay

Earlier today, it was reported that former Red Sox left fielder Jason Bay signed a 4-year, 66 million with the New York Mets.  I guess Jason decided that the price for going to a doomed franchise/marginal team that won’t get passed the Phillies was worth $1.5 million per season.  Either way, the Red Sox are moving forward and it seems like they have been dead set on moving on in 2010 when contract talks were broken off around the all-star break last season.

To me, the Red Sox definitely have a team in place to make the playoffs, most likely with a wild card bid but they are missing another big bat in the middle of the line-up to make them a true contender.  Here is the defensive layout:

C- Martinez, Tek

1B- Youk, Kotchman

2B- Pedroia

SS- Scutaro, Lowrie

3B- Lowell

LF- Ellsbury


RF- Drew

OF- Hermida, Reddick

DH- Ortiz

The only real debatable portion of this is how Ellsbury and Cameron will factor into the outfield.  With Cameron being a better defensive fielder than Ellsbury (no fault of Ellsbury) and with Cameron only playing in 3 of his 1,856 total games in left field, I gave the center field nod to Cameron.  With that said, here comes the line-up I believe will be the best fit for next season.










I highly debated throwing in Scutaro in the leadoff spot because of his OBP last season (.379) but, I still didn’t feel like it was justified.  It touts the lefty-righty rotation that Terry Francona loves (until 8 and 9).  I absolutely love having a bat like Scutaro in the 9th slot.  With Scutaro and Cameron in the final two slots it will take the pressure off of Ellsbury and Pedroia to get things started for the “Giant part of the line-up.”

So, that is the general outlook of the 2010 Boston Red Sox.  It’s nothing too alarming as you are really only replacing Bay with Cameron and Gonzalez with Scutaro.  I really think this team needs an Adrian Gonzalez or Matt Holiday (or both!) to compete for a title.  It truly is a conceivable concept to bring in both because Gonzalez has a cheap contract, the Red Sox have the assets in place to make that kind of trade, and the Red Sox brain trust definitely has the money to sign Matt Holiday to patrol underneath the Monster seats.  It’s just a question of the guys who sign the checks wanting to spend it or not.


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