Random Thoughts

Every once and a while I have all kinds of random thoughts that pop through my head.  These little thoughts are nothing I can really make a full post about but with all the thoughts through the week I can make a post out of them.  Here are 10 thoughts that occurred to me over the past week.

*Tiger Woods has gone through hell and back the past two weeks because of his extra marital affairs.  Why hasn’t Tom Brady received not even the slightest bit of criticism in fathering 2 children with 2 different women?

*In checking my calendar, I realized it was mid-December.  That can only mean one thing.  Brett Favre’s annual choke job is underway.

*The Yankees have acquired Javier Vazquez for Melky Cabrera and prospects. Haven’t the Yankees been down the Vazquez road before and didn’t it turn out less than favorable for them?

*Who is this imposter on the Celtics wearing number 42? And what has he done with Tony Allen? Wait. This is very much a good thing. Lets hope it stays that way.

*Speaking of the Celtics, rumor has it KyptoNate Robinson wants to come to the Celtics. Two trade possibilities: Marquis Daniels straight up or Bill Walker and JR Giddens. I don’t want to lose Marquis Daniels and I don’t think I am in favor of rescuing another player (malcontent) from the Knicks. (See Marbury, Stephon)

*Fans in this region are quick to criticize but are hesitant to give praise. There is a sick love for Tom Brady and people will never even sneeze in his general direction. But people have to be fair and say that the production of Lawrence Maroney has been huge this season for the Pats. With Brady playing banged up, he is not able to be Tom Terrific. Maroney will not rush for 100 yards consistently but he has vastly improved and shown flashes of being a hard-nosed runner.  Just what the Pats need to compliment the passing game.

*The Bruins have been able to stay in playoff contention (around the 4 or 5 seed) without Milian Lucic or Marc Savard the better part of the year.  That’s impressive. Tuuka Raask has a GAA of 1.97. Also very impressive for the rookie.

*I might be the only person to say it. But we have to be realistic and say that Mike Lowell is on the back nine. To be honest it was his fault for shunning Philadelphia to come to Boston for less money. Baseball is a business, just ask Bronson Arroyo. In baseball one has to be like Johnny Damon. Sign for big money, win a World Series and move to the next highest bidder.

* Predictions: The Texas Longhorns will win the national title is both basketball and football this year.

*RIP Chris Henry. It is truly an unfortunate set of circumstances for a man who looked to be on the cusp of finally turning his life around.  And kudos to Chad Ochocinco for putting his persona aside and not making the situation all about him by wearing number 15 last weekend.


2 Responses

  1. Lovin the new blog, but damn Scottie…could you be more of a homer with those “predictions”? i think they got a nasty bball team with very much potential to make a deep run in the ncaa tournament…and speaking of tournaments, there needs to be a tournament for the FBS…how teams like TCU and Boise dont get a chance to play for a national title is absurd, altho the Longhorns do deserve to be in the title game…this is not to go against you, but I like Bama’s chances…got a pretty dirty D and we saw how Texas fared against a D by the name of Suh…as for bball I have been inspired by my Zags who I expected to be in a rebuilding season, terrible loss to the Dukies tho…i think its gonna be Rockchalk Jayhawk this year

  2. rockchalk jayhawk plays texas twice durin the reg season i believe…and hey im allowed to be a homer!

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