The Life of a Fan

Anyone with half a pulse has a  passion for something in this world. I am deeply passionate about sports, Boston sports to be more specific.  I invest a fair amount of my time following the Red Sox, Celtics, and Patriots.  I am currently working on a passion for the Bruins as well.  It is fair to say that I live and die with every pitch, dribble, and snap count.

I am also an opinionated individual.  Many will argue that I might even be a bit stubborn in my beliefs, a point that I find debatable. I thoroughly enjoy talking sports with friends and family.  I also enjoy writing.  It is with these facts that my friends and I decided to start this blog.  Like me, they are devout Boston fans.  They too, have wept both in sadness and in glory because of the experience that is being a Boston sports fan.

I am of the opinion we would be doing ourselves and others a great disservice if we did not share our thoughts and ramblings with anyone would pay attention.  It is with this knowledge that I formally introduce you to Not the Common Fan.




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