Sox Sign Pair

Earlier today the Boston Red Sox signed both John Lackey and Mike Cameron to multi-year contracts further adding to the puzzle of the 2010 team.  Below are the two deals that finally became official this afternoon.

Mike Cameron, 2-years $15.5 Million:  This is a fence deal for me as I can not figure out where I sit.  I am more leaning toward the  negative side of things because I do not think that bringing in a 37 year old veteran who has a career batting average of .250, exactly what he hit last season in Milwaukee, is an essential asset to improve this team.  Granted, Mike Cameron is coming off of his best defensive season and has Gold Glove potential each season but, I’m still not sure the juice is worth the squeeze here.  Will Cameron’s defensive prowess be enough to make up for a lack of offense?  Not likely. The big question remains as to where Cameron will play (the majority of his career has been played in center field) with Jacoby Ellsbury in center already and an opening in left field there are certainly decisions that need to be made by Tito and the gang.

John Lackey, 5-years $82.5 Million: I am definitely on board this train.  John Lackey adds to an already solid rotation which features three high end talents that could sweep many 3-game series on a regular basis in Beckett, Lackey, and Lester.  With these three guys healthy it would be almost impossible to lose a playoff series.  Lackey has had a somewhat shaky career at Fenway but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest because it’s a lot different pitching against the Fenway faithful than it is with them rooting for you.  Lackey went 11-8 last season with a 3.83 ERA and has a career 3.81 ERA.  Lackey’s postseason ERA is 3.12, basically saying this guy is a gamer and someone who could easily thrive at the Fens which carries a playoff atmosphere for 95% of the regular season.

More Sox talk tomorrow…


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