2016 NBA Mock Draft

Everyone and their mother has compiled their 2016 Mock Draft.  With this year being particularly important for the Celtics, I figured I would join in the foray. In this space, you will find what I believe will go down Thursday night.  I will not include potential trades, because frankly, other than creating rumors, you can’t really predict a trade.  Without further adieu…


  1. Philadelphia 76ers: Ben Simmons
  2. Los Angeles Lakers: Brandon Ingram
  3. Boston Celtics: Buddy Hield
  4. Phoenix Suns: Dragan Bender
  5. Minnesota Timberwolves: Jamal Murray
  6. New Orleans Pelicans: Kris Dunn
  7. Denver Nuggets: Jaylen Brown
  8. Sacramento Kings: Marquesse Chriss
  9. Toronto Raptors: Jakob Poeltl
  10. Milwaukee Bucks: Malachi Richardson
  11. Orlando Magic: Skal Labissiere
  12. Utah Jazz: Wade Baldwin
  13. Phoenix Suns: Domantas Sabonis
  14. Chicago Bulls: Henry Ellenson
  15. Denver Nuggets:Timothe Luwawu
  16. Boston Celtics: Brice Johnson
  17. Memphis Grizzlies:  Deyonta Davis
  18. Detroit Pistons: Cheick Diallo
  19. Denver Nuggets: Furkan Korkmaz
  20. Indiana Pacers: Dejounte Murray
  21. Atlanta Hawks: Taurean Prince
  22. New Orleans Hornets: Malik Beasley
  23. Boston Celtics: Thon Maker
  24. Philadelphia 76ers: Denzel Valentine
  25. Los Angeles Clippers: Diamond Stone
  26. Philadelphia 76ers: Demetrius Jackson
  27. Toronto Raptors: Ante Zizic
  28. Phoenix Suns: Zhou Qi
  29. San Antonio Spurs: Damian Jones
  30. Golden State Warriors: Juan Hernangomez

The State of the Patriots: October 4th, 2014

I’m stating the obvious here when I say that it has been a frustrating start to the 2014 NFL season for New England Patriots fans. Throughout that time frame, I have had countless debates, conversations, and occasional verbal eruptions with friends regarding my viewpoint on what’s going on with this team. Along the way, I’ve run into the “sunshine.com” people (thanks to Felger and Mazz for that title) that can just not be critical about this team. They believe in just blindly trusting Bill Belichick based on the body of work, and therefore leaving us fans with the inability to critique or criticize any move or decision that is made. On the flip side, I’ve run into the “doomsday” bunch that are saying Brady is a shell of himself, Josh McDaniels should be fired, and Bill Belichick may have lost it and the franchise may want to consider moving on. I find myself stuck in the middle of these two extremes, and reaching a boiling point of frustration from dealing with the aforementioned people. Therefore, after a long hiatus, I have returned to ntcf.wordpress.com to express MY opinion on the current state of the New England Patriots.

Because this post will encompass the past 4 weeks, I’m going to limit my opinion sharing to a select few topics. If I touched on everything, we’d be here for a week. In no particular order:

Do I believe that Tom Brady’s skill set has diminished? Yes. Do I think that the team can’t rely on Brady to cover up for mistakes or a lack of talent like in pervious years? Yes. Do I still want Tom Brady as my quarterback? Without a shadow of a doubt. I still think that Tom Brady is a top 5 quarterback in the NFL. Is he playing like it currently? No not at all. But there are so many variables that play a role in Tom Brady’s performance. It’s impossible to judge how much Brady has declined based on several factors, including poor offensive line play, decreased talent at wide receiver, a still recovering Rob Gronkowski, and a very inconsistent run game. All of those factors lead to my original point, Tom Brady’s skill set has diminished slightly. In years past, the Patriots have had poor talent at wideout, and yet Brady would move the ball down the field effortlessly. Additionally, Brady is locking in on recievers more than I can ever remember. Is that a lack of talent? Maybe a lack of trust? Only Brady knows that, but it’s certainly an issue. In previous seasons, there have been issues along the offensive line, and yet Tom Brady would deliver quick passes that were on point and not allow the defense to get to him. However, I personally can not remember a season where the offensive line was in disarray and the receiving corps was not on the same page as Brady both at the same time. I believe that is the reason Tom Brady and the Patriots offense is struggling mightily to start the season.

Has the Logan Mankins trade affected the offensive line play so far this season? In my opinion, yes. If you gave me the option to do the trade all over again, would I? Absolutely not. I’m sorry, I just don’t understand the trade. I’m sure that Mankins’ play has declined, and I commented on it to some friends last season. But come on, I would take Mankins over Jordan Devey 10 times out of 10. I just don’t understand why you deal away arguably your best offensive lineman 2 weeks before the start of the season when you have a 37 year old immobile quarterback and when there doesn’t seem to be an in house replacement ready to go. However, that does not excuse Nate Solder, Sebastian Vollmer, and the remainder of the lineman for their shit play this season. Last week I read an article by Pro Football Focus that ranked every single offensive lineman that played at least 1 snap this season. Solder ranked 65 out of 69 left tackles. Vollmer was 63 out of 69. Come on! That’s pathetic. Nate Solder is a 6’8” marshmallow. Vollmer looks very rigid and is an injury waiting to happen. The only lineman I like on the Patriots right now is Bryan Stork. The dude has a mean streak about him. That is what this team is missing. In Kansas City on Monday night, the offensive line played their best game thus far (that isn’t saying much). Stork looks like he may be the answer at center, and Fleming played a decent right guard. Now, Fleming has been ruled out of the game Sunday against Cincy. Maybe the Pats will give Devey another look! Looks like Brady will be in “duck and cover” mode again Sunday night.

A buddy of mine last week told me that the Patriots had the best defense in the league. I questioned him, commenting on the second half of the Miami game and the lack of competition in Minnesota and Oakland. He gave me shit about not judging the team based on one bad half, blah, blah. Well, he’s not making such definitive statements after the Kansas City game. Much has been made of Darrelle Revis not looking like an absolute stud. I’ll admit, he hasn’t been amazing. However, I can’t say that I watched every game Revis played in New York. Maybe he coasts against sub par talent. I do think the Pats are trying out a variety of schemes on defense, and Revis isn’t allowed to lock down on a wideout for the whole game just yet. AJ Green coming to town is the ultimate test of how good Revis still is and how the Patriots will utilize his strengths.

Revis isn’t the big issue for this team. It’s the defensive line. Much has been made of Chandler Jones making a big leap to become on of the elite pass rushers heading into year 3. Well, I’m not on board. I’ve never been thrilled with Jones’ skill set. He’s big, but gets overpowered way too often. He’s fast, but doesn’t seem to have that quick twitch speed off of the line. When teams run to his side, he gets steam rolled. A vast majority of his sacks last season were coverage sacks (surprising, I know). As we move down the line, we see Vince, who’s still a serviceable defensive tackle, but certainly isn’t the same player that he was 3-4 years ago. We find the combination of Silva Salinga, Chris Jones, and Joe Vellano. I’d rather have Scott Patterson and Chris Veltri shedding blocks out there. And finally Nonkovich. I’m not a big Ninkovich guy. Never have been, probably never will be. He isn’t consistent enough of a player to be relied on to start. Don’t forget, Tommy Kelly was cut over what likely would amass to about 800k in salary. Great move guys!

Via ESPN Boston – “In my year and a half with Aaron Dobson, he has always been respectful to me and to the rest of the coaching staff. He has never once been argumentative or confrontational. The suggestion and reporting that his playing time was in any way the result of a ‘loud disagreement’ with a coach is completely false.”

That was Bill Belichick’s prepared statement that was released approximately 3 hours after refusing to answer questions regarding Aaron Dobson at his press conference today. Is it just me, or is this whole situation really, really weird? Your second year 2nd round wide receiver is inactive for 3 of the first 4 games, not because of health or he wouldn’t have played in one game, but allegedly because of mouthing off. Now, Belichick comes out, says Dobson is respectful and never had a disagreement with a coach. So now, he’s inactive because he sucks? What the hell is going on? The Patriots have NEVER been able to evaluate wide receiver talent well, and the more that this saga continues, the more concerned I am that Dobson isn’t going to pan out.

As for the rest of the bunch, Edelman is Brady’s crutch. If he goes down, kiss the season goodbye. Lafell looked better last week, but I get the sense that they were trying to force feed him the ball to either boost his morale or give the defense another look. Either way, I’m not sold. Danny Amendola can’t get open without them running a pick play for him. Kenbrell allegedly isn’t very good either because he’s been inactive this season as well.

What I believe is really plaguing this group is the lack of a deep threat. We originally thought Dobson would be that guy, but apparently not. Ed Reed made a comment on whatever show he is on that he wouldn’t be afraid of any wide receiver the Patriots have. What that means to me is that they safeties creep up closed to the line of scrimmage, cornerbacks are more likely to jump shorter routes, and linebackers have less responsibility in pass coverage and can therefore blitz more often. All of that adds up to some ineffective play a wide receiver.

Zone coverage for Darrell Revis. Only 3 wide recievers are active against KC (5 running backs active), and yet we open the game in shotgun and don’t run the ball until late in the first quarter. Failure to stay committed to the run game (especially against porous run defenses like Oakland). Bringing back Patrick Chung to start at strong safety even though we let him go last time because he sucked. Putting Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins on the same side of the formation defensively, basically beginning teams to run in that direction, and get big yardage. We have to assume that things will get better, because Bill’s track record depicts that it should. However, many of these issues need to be addressed sooner rather than later, or I truly believe that the coaching staff will be in danger of losing this team.

I guess all it comes down to after that long ass rant is what Billy Boy said this past week, “We are on to Cincinnati.”

Be Proud of These Friars

On February 20, Matty sat down and typed a scathing post about the cooleyProvidence Friar men’s basketball team.  Normally, I allow Matty to fly off the cuff every so often on this blog about the Friars.  After reading his piece, I had to respond to his incessant negativity about a team that deserves anything but.  I have known to be down on the Friars over the years.  I have done my fair share of bashing as well.  Ask  me  about Bilal Dixon, Geoff McDermott, or Marcus Douthit and watch my head explode.  This is a season I have been immensely proud to be a Friar Faithful.

If you told me on January 5, 2014 the Providence Friars were going to be on the bubble, looking in on an at large NCAA tournament bid, I would have asked  you about your care giver.  On January 5, the Friars lost to Villanova by 30.  On  January 5, the Friars were 0-2 to start conference play and had lost three games in a row.  On January 5, the Friars knew they would be without Kris Dunn, Brandon Austin, and Rodney Bullock for the rest of the season.

Fast forward to the present.  The Friars are in the middle of the Big East standings.  The Friars are among renowned Bracketologist Joe Lunardi’s “final four in.”  They have gotten to where they are today with essentially six guys. Given all that has happened to the Providence College program this season, what more could a true PC fan ask for?

Before I verbally castrate Matty, let me lay some ground work for some 460xreaders that may be new to NTCF.  Matty was (and still is) a Keno Davis fan.  Let’s let that sink in for a minute.  Matty was actually upset when the Friars first hired Cooley.  Matty will argue Keno’s stop at PC was full of bad luck.  He will also quickly point out Keno beat at the time #1 Pitt at home.  Matty will even argue Keno Davis is partially responsible for PC’s success this season because he recruited Bryce Cotton, Kadeem Batts, Brice Kofane, and Lee Goldsboro.

Matty will ignore Mr. Davis went 46-50 in his three seasons at Providence, did not win a post season game, and two of his recruits currently reside at the Adult Correctional Institution in Cranston, Rhode Island.  Matty will also ignore Keno Davis’s current record at Central Michigan.  I won’t.  He is currently 19-33.

Ed Cooley is 51-41 at Providence.  He took the Friars to the NIT Quarterfinals in his second season with the program.  He has brought top talent to the program (Ricky Ledo, Brandon Austin, Kris Dunn,).  I’ll admit getting them on the floor has been another issue.  My point is, he is putting Providence on the map.

In Matty’s post on February 20, he stated “Bryce Cotton is overrated.”  I always have to remind myself Matty was a helluva middle linebacker in high school.  He took a lot of shots to the head.  Obviously, we are seeing the effects of these shots to the head now.  If it was not for a man named Doug McDermott, Bryce Cotton would be the consensus player of the year in the Big East.  There is no more obvious of a statement than saying Cotton is who makes the Friars go.  Cotton is pouring in 21.5 points a night, handing out 6 assists, and grabbing 3.5 rebounds per contest.  He is also averaging 39.9 minutes a game.  Yeah, Matt. He is so overrated.

Cotton has been the reason the Friars have stayed in games all year long.  He is not a true point guard.  To criticize him like he is would be unfair.  He can create his own shot, he is outstanding in the lane driving to the basket, and he has eyes all around his head.  I don’t know why I am still arguing this point.  If anything the point has been belabored.  Bryce Cotton has been outstanding all season long.

Next, Matty came after Josh Fortune.  This is another unfair criticism.  Now, bildedo not get me wrong, I get upset with Fortune at times as well.  But on the whole, Fortune has improved leaps and bounds from a season ago.  Last season when he was on the floor, it was a 4 on 5 game.  As of late Fortune has emerged as a lethal outside shooter.  This is an element PC sorely needs in order to help free Bryce Cotton a bit more.  Hopefully, Fortune can make the next step going into next season.  I would like to see him take better care of the ball.  As far as this season is concerned, I have been pleasantly surprised by his development.

All of the Tyler Harris hate is tired and old.  Matty wants this kid’s scholarship revoked.  Harris is basically a freshman.  He played in 19 games averaging just 14 minutes for NC State in his true freshman year.  I do not understand piling on copious amounts of criticism on a kid.  I could understand if he was an upper classmen.  He is not.  He has not had a chance to gain the experience necessary to prevent him from making dumb mistakes.  The kid has boat loads of talent.  I believe Tyler Harris will be a stud in a Providence uniform one day.  This is his year to learn and to make mistakes.  He is still a vital part to the PC attack.  Calling for a scholarship revocation is as ignorant as it gets.

To switch gears, I wonder if Matty has watched any games this season.  HeKadeem Batts has Kadeem Batts up on some sort of pedestal.  I can’t understand it.  Yes, lasts season Kadeem was great.  He was so great, I honestly believed he would be at the very least a 2nd round pick in the NBA draft. This season, Kadeem has done his best Jeff Green impression.  He has been the epitome of inconsistency.  One night he has 18 and 10.  The next he completely disappears, has horrible shot selection, and gets bullied in the post.  Kadeem gets the brunt of my criticism this season.  In the same breath, I believe he is the key to the rest of the season.  As Kadeem goes, so to will the Friars.

The Friars should go 2-1 to finish the season.  They should beat Seton Hall and Marquette.  They have no chance of beating Creighton on McDermott’s senior night. If they can win at least one game in the Big East Tournament, they should make the NCAA’s.  With the way the season has gone, that is a massive accomplishment and a giant step for the program.

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Scottie’s 2014 NBA Draft Big Board: Edition 2

Two weeks ago, I presented my Boston Celtics “Big Board.”  Not much has changed in two weeks regarding the Celtics.  They stood pat at the trade deadline much to the chagrin of many.  If I was Danny Ainge, I would have done everything possible to move Jeff Green.  His inconsistency is maddening.  I do not see him as a piece that could contribute in a rebuild.  To a lesser extent, I would have liked to move Brandon Bass.    The bottom line is the Celtics did nothing.   They still have two first round picks in the upcoming draft.  At the time of this writing if the ping pong balls fall true, the Celtics will have the 4th and 15th pick in the 2014 draft.  Here is my updated “Big Board”

1) Jabari Parker, Duke

2) Joel Embiid, Kansas

3) Andrew Wiggins, Kansas

4) Rodney Hood, Duke

I have watched Hood play a few times since my last post.  I love what this kid brings to the table.  He is a long, 6’8, has a nice mid range jumper, and can drive to the basket.  His length will most definitely bother the opposition.

5) Julius Randle, Kentucky

6) Tyler Ennis, Syracuse

Yes, Ennis’s half court shot to beat Pittsburgh was impressive. Also, lucky.  I have moved Ennis up in the rankings due to the chance the Celtics could deal Rondo in the off-season.  None of Ennis’s stats will pop off the score book at you, but he is a solid young point guard who I could envision the Celtics building around.

7)  Dante Exum, Austrailia

8) Noah Vonleh, Indiana

9) Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State

10) Doug McDermott, Creighton

11) Kyle Anderson, UCLA

I am praying Anderson slips to the Celtics for their second pick of the draft.  I thought Rodney Hood has length.  Anderson is much longer.  He also can handle the ball like a point guard.  He is averaging 14, 9, and 7.  Those numbers are off the charts.  He is a do it all swing man the Celtics need to put aside Rondo and Sullinger.  I’d much rather have Kyle Anderson than Jeff Green in a rebuild.

12) Gary Harris, Michigan State

13) James Young, Kentucky

14) Jordan Clarkson, Missouri

15) Jerami Grant, Syracuse

16) Willie Cauley-Stein, Kentucky

17) Zach LaVine, UCLA

18) Aaron Gordon, Arizona

19) Montrezl Harrell, Louisville

20) TJ Warren, North Carolina State

21) Adreian Payne, Michigan State

22) Dario Saric, Croatia

23) Markel Brown, Oklahoma State

24) Terran Petteway, Nebraska

25) Semaj Christon, Xavier

26) PJ Hairston, D-League

Hairston is lighting up the D-League to the tune of 35 points a night.  This opens up the question: Could the Florida Gators, Kansas Jayhawks, or Duke Blue Devils beat a D-League team?

27) CJ Fair, Syracuse

28) Chris Walker, Florida

29) James McAdoo, North Carolina

30) Johnny O’Bryant, LSU

No one has O’ Bryant as high in a mock draft as I do.  Some may even have him undrafted.  I love he was able to go for 20 and 12 against the bigs of Kentucky.  He is a solid big body.  Serviceable big men do not grow on trees in the NBA.

Mattyoshow’s PC Friars Mumbles: 2.20.24 Edition

For all of the Oshow followers out there, I’m going to give you a heads up before you start reading this post. I’m not happy with what’s been going down in Friartown lately, so if you’re ready to read some crap about how the Villanova loss didn’t matter because they played hard than you’re in the wrong place. Here’s what’s been running through my head about the PC Friars over the past few weeks…

-Here’s one way to start a post: Bryce Cotton is overrated. Yup, I said it. He may go unnoticed nationally, but he’s overrated locally. Yes, Bryce can score, but so could Marshon. Yes, Bryce made the Sportscenter top 10 a couple of nights ago, but so did Rob Sanders back in his day. As a point guard, Bryce Cotton just isn’t that good. When the offense runs through him, it’s stagnant. When we need to convert a big bucket, he rarely makes the right decision. When we should work the ball down low, he takes a deep three. When we need a deep three, Bryce forces a pass down low. Yes, there are more problems on this team than Bryce Cotton, but in my eyes, he is one of them.

-I really started to think that Josh Fortune was turning a corner. He has been much more efficient offensively over the past several games. He was making better decisions with the ball, and working harder to get open off of the ball. He was even asserting himself defensively. And then Josh Fortune committed 7 turnovers in Tuesday’s game against Villanova, threw away two critical passes in double overtime, and officially earned himself a permanent spot on my shit list…right next to Marshon Brooks and Joe Young.

-Tyler Harris should have his scholarship revoked. All I keep hearing from Scottie and his other bandwagon buddies is that Harris is still young and he’s essentially a freshman because he didn’t really play in his first season at NC State. Guess what…I don’t care. His basketball IQ is about as good as Scottie’s knowledge base about anything sports related (which is essentially 0)! The kid just can’t make a good decision. I’m sick of his juvenile shit. Revoke the scholarship and get him outta town!

-Kadeem Batts is the best NBA prospect on this team. The guy battles down low. He’s finally learned how to utilize his body and girth underneath. He has a pretty good mid range jumper which has only improved over the past 4 years. Kadeem is the real deal and I hope he starts to get some looks in the league.

-Lee Goldsbrough is about as useful as a piece of gum on the bottom of your shoe in the middle if August.

-Brice Kofane isn’t much better.

-I don’t really understand Carson Desrosiers’ lack of playing time. I know he gets himself into foul trouble on occasion. However, you can’t tell me that he isn’t more useful than Tyler Harris. At least Carson tries to play defense. I say we put Desrosiers in the starting 5, bump everyone down a spot and really start to limit Tyler Harris’ minutes.

-If the Friars want any shot at the tournament they need to win out and then make some waves in the Big East tournament. However, with how PC plays on the road, it’s much more likely that they shit their pants over the next 4 games and miss the NIT.
-I’ve always considered myself and optimist when it came to the Friars. Ask anyone. Talk to Scottie. Talk to my fellow friar faithful CV. I’ve always thought that the Friars could win every game that they’ve played. Yet, this team has sucked the life outta me. I’m done with PC basketball. The constant crushing defeats have worn me out. I just can’t do it anymore…

25 NBA Players I’d Rather Have on My Team Than Carmelo Anthony

When the 2013-2014 NBA season concludes, Carmelo Anthony is expected to opt out of his current contract hitting the carmelounrestricted free agent market.  Anthony is expected to get a “max contract.” In the case of Carmelo Anthony he will get either $14 million a year or he will sign for 105% of his previous contract.  My brother sent me an email recently detailing his thoughts about Carmelo Anthony:

“Over the years, I have seen players like him.  Produces big numbers and is on a weak team or wrong team at wrong time.  For whatever reason, just does not have the planets align for a winning career.  Not sure what happened in Denver, but that was a better place for him than NY.  I am going to say something bold, under the microscope in NY, you know what, he is not that good a b-ball PLAYER.  He has a limited and talented skill set (tough match up and can score).  But, cannot pass, rebound, defend, help defend, block shots or handle the ball.  So when you see him all the time, his flaws are glaring.  Great scorer, fantastic scorer – not great player.  Make sense?”

As you know by now, I detest Syracuse.  Haven’t liked Melo since those days.  I have always argued he is the most overrated player in the NBA.  It usually falls on deaf ears and people think I am an idiot.  His two career accomplishments are winning a national championship (in which Gerry McNamara and Hakim Warrick played prominent roles) and he was outstanding in the last summer Olympics.  But he had quite the supporting cast.  Off the top of my head I could name 25 players I’d rather have on my team than Carmelo Anthony.  He slows down offenses because he needs the ball in his hands to be effective.  Does not move without the ball.

Being a man of my word, here are 25 players currently in the NBA I would rather have on my team than Carmelo Anthony:

1) Kevin Durantuntitled

2) LeBron James

3) Kevin Love

4) Chris Paul

5) Tim Duncan

6) James Harden

7) DeMarcus Cousins

8) Stephen Curryuntitled

9) Anthony Davis

10) Dirk Nowitzki

11) Paul George

12) LaMarcus Aldridge

13) Damian Lillard

14) Dwight Howard

15) Russell Westbrook

16) Kobe Bryant

17) Blake Griffin

18) Dwayne Wade

19) David Lee

20) John Wallimages

21) Rajon Rondo

22) Al Jefferson

23) Kyrie Irving

24) DeMar DeRozan

25) Paul Milsap

Yes, I realize Carmelo is 2nd in the league in scoring behind The Slim Reaper at 27.2 a night.  Yes, I realize Melo gets close to 9 rebounds a night.  All of that is just fine and dandy.  At the end of the day, the Knicks are still 20-31 and going nowhere as a franchise so long as Carmelo suits up for them.

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Scottie’s 2014 NBA Draft Big Board: Edition 1

Despite the recent run of wins for the Celtics (outside of their loss to the Mavericks), it is clear they are going to be in the draft lottery this season.  Going into the season, I realized the Celtics were headed into the lottery.  With that knowledge I decided I would watch more college basketball (more than just Providence and Texas) than I would watch the Celtics.  I’ve occasionally watched the Celtics to see the development of players like Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk.  I’ve watched to see how Rajon Rondo’s comeback from knee surgery has gone.  Danny Ainge will have multiple first round picks in the NBA Draft this season.  He may have more by the time the trade deadline comes and goes.  With all of that in mind, here is my “Big Board.”  This is the order I would select the projected draft pool as if the Celtics had 30 first round picks.  I will reserve comment on each player in this article.  In future articles, I may comment where I feel necessary.

Please understand, I do not watch International basketball.  The foreigners I have listed are listed because of what I have read about them. I have never seen Dante Exum or Dario Saric play.  I am going by what I have read.  I have also loaded the list with front court prospects.  I believe Rondo is in Danny Ainge’s master plan for the Celtics’ future.  You will see I have guys like Tyler Ennis and Zach LaVine further down the list than most draft “experts.”

1) Jabari Parker, Dukencb_g_jabari-parker_mb_400

2) Joel Embiid, Kansas

3) Andrew Wiggins, Kansas

4) Julius Randle, Kentucky

5) Noah Vonleh, Indiana

6) Dante Exum, Australia

7) James Young, Kentucky

8) Rodney Hood, Duke

9) Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State

10) Gary Harris, Michigan State

11) Doug McDermott, Creighton

12) Aaron Gordon, Arizona

13) Jerami Grant, Syracuse

14) Jordan Clarkson, Missouri

15) Kyle Anderson, UCLAKyle+Anderson+Arizona+v+UCLA+ehlGZY_tppMl

16) Willie Cauley-Stein, Kentucky

17) Zach LaVine, UCLA

18) Adreian Payne, Michigan State

19) Tyler Ennis, Syracuse

20) Dario Saric, Croatia

21) TJ Warren, North Carolina State

22) CJ Fair, Syracuse

23) Semaj Christon, Xavier

24) James McAdoo, North Carolina

25) Montrezl Harrell, Louisville

26) Markel Brown, Oklahoma State

27) Glenn Robinson III, Michigan

28) PJ Hairston, North Carolina (D-League)

29) Johnny O’Bryant, LSU

30) Chris Walker, Florida